evesham computers

  wullie1 17:10 09 Jan 2003
  wullie1 17:10 09 Jan 2003

has anyone got anything bad to say about evesham computers regards quality and supplying

  Lozzy 17:18 09 Jan 2003

You need to read all the good and the bad and make up your own mind.. No one should or will say anything bad or good as everyone has many different experiences.. Some good Some Bad..

Do some research by reading threads here in PCA and search within Google

  kbex 17:18 09 Jan 2003

Bought my first Evesham PC in early 2002
Had a few early XP related problems which were not hardware related I must add.
Evesham did everything in their power to get me up and running correctly. A Windows fix emerging just days before an onsite visit.
Any other proplems have always been met with great service, great attitude and great results.

I will be using them for my next PC

  wullie1 17:26 09 Jan 2003

how long did they take to respond to you

  kbex 17:31 09 Jan 2003

Straight Away - No Delays except when the guys had to check on software from a third party and hardware conflicts from hardware componant suppliers. After which THEY called me to discuss some work throughs.

Had a Noist Northbridge Fan and they came out in 2 working days to replace it.

But as Lozzy highlights, each must endeavour to be clear in their own mind before they buy.

  wullie1 17:33 09 Jan 2003

the reason im asking is i ordered a pc on monday 6th jan and it was supposedto be one they always carried stock of ,but not on the day i was there ,so the salesman told me they would be getting them in on thursday 9th jan so if i placed an order it would be there for me but when i phoned them they said none had arrived and it might be next tuesday ,what im saying is if they say they keep stock items for sale then it should be readily availiable i told them if not there on tuesday then order is cancelled
and pc world here i come again

  kbex 17:36 09 Jan 2003

Yes my delivery took 3 weeks of an In Stock item, but when it arrived with the latest off the line components, along with the knowledge that I was amongst many who had bought the PC resulting in the Delay, I realised It was worth the wait.

Not sure if this is the case with your order though.

  wullie1 17:45 09 Jan 2003

as i said if these pcs are stockable items then they should be availiable and more or less mass produced to their sales forecast
i have always bought from pcworld maybe i was spoilt by getting it there and then ,i will not wait more than tuesday ,if they had said at the beginning then i could except that but they did not . i have had no problems at all with pcworld and i have bought 4 pcs and a laptop from them
this is the first time i have gone for an athlon as all the rest were intel

  shortcircuited 18:13 09 Jan 2003

my evesham computer i bought last year and the only problem is waiting hours for them to answer the helpline but they are helpful. talking about late deliveries, I bought from pc world and my order seems to have been delayed, i guess these things just happen and so long as its not too long and you didnt specify that it 100 percent has got to arrive on time it doesnt matter so long as you get a good deal and good service.

  wullie1 18:22 09 Jan 2003

im now beginning to wonder if the help line took so long ,as i said i have bought 4 pcs and a laptop from pcworld and walked out the door with each and everyone of them and no probs when getting to the tech help section ,maybe that is why evesham are not answering my emails i have sent ,that and what you say is making me very wary and extremely worried , i might just not wait until tuesday , watch this space

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