Evesham Computers

  heavymetalkid 20:59 22 Oct 2005

Evening all; I work for a firm which is offering cut price computers from the Government's HCI scheme. I've ordered the Evesham HC1095-19,with a list price of £1669, but available through the scheme for £965.
I've looked on the Evesham website but can't find that machine listed at all. Anyone know why?
Also,my basic computer at present, is pretty useless but, a silent runner. Friends who ordered the Evesham last year all tell me it has three cooling fans and is pretty noisy. Anyone got one,or a similar model. Is it usual for the fan noise to be loud and intrusive?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:42 22 Oct 2005

Evesham, like many others, provide machines with different names and perhaps slightly different specifications. As long as you have a detailed description of what you have ordered, there is nothing to be unduly concerned about.

As for running noisily, you may be able to replace any noisy fans if that is a problem.

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