Every 30 minutes my Windows 7 PC hangs, until I reboot

  Graphicool1 17:37 18 Jan 2014

The headline says it all

  Woolwell 18:46 18 Jan 2014

Possible over-heating?

  martd7 19:20 18 Jan 2014

Going back to a previous thread of yours you were trying various software to check your pcs components temperatures,think you were using speccy and you were going to purchase a "cooler" not sure cant find thread ? is it still over heating?

  Graphicool1 19:53 18 Jan 2014

Hi mart7

This is a whole new problem. As I got a new, 1T drive, installed Windows 7 64 bit. Loaded all the updates and am I any better off, of course I'm not. Is the new system any faster than the old one, yes when it runs everything is very fast. But every half hour 'exactly' it freezes. The mouse and keyboard still work, but nothing else. If I don't do anything it just hangs until I reboot.

It's like someone has set a clock. yes, I've turned off hibernation. I've tried everything I can think of. But it doesn't help!?

  Graphicool1 19:55 18 Jan 2014

Hi Woolwell

No overheating.

  martd7 20:12 18 Jan 2014

Any BSOD? after it hangs?

  rdave13 21:46 18 Jan 2014

Graphics driver or PSU not powerful enough. I'd go for PSU.

  lotvic 23:17 18 Jan 2014

Any clues in Task Manager - Processes running?

  rdave13 23:46 18 Jan 2014

If you get a similar message in event viewer like this, link, then power supply problem. What is different in your problem is that it freezes in a given time scale. My PC would work well for weeks then freeze a couple of times in a night. Since upgrading to a 700 watt PSU I've had no freezing problems. Something to think about.

  Graphicool1 12:19 19 Jan 2014




Yes I receive this message...

Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Event ID: 41 Level: Critical

But I'm discounting it, because none of the 3 scenarios fit my problem. Nor does the overall reason...

Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

I know why the system reboots...It's because I've pressed the reboot button, if I don't it just hangs. Further to this they say it is a hard hang. We'll in my case it isn't, because as already stated...the mouse pointer can still move about on the screen, although it is no longer a pointer it is the rotating blue circle. Prior to the freeze (regardless as to whatever may be happening at that time) the PC slows a little, then picks up and freezes. Although everything doesn't freeze at once, it does it in stages.

As for power, my PSU is 500 watt. I have recently purchased a back up battery. Which as yet I haven't installed, but this is 650.

I just decided to attempt a clean boot, to see if there are any conflicts.

My time limit is upon me, I'll talk again in a mo...

  Graphicool1 12:58 19 Jan 2014


I haven't attempted the clean boot yet, because when I went to set it up, 'Selective Start Up' was already selected. So instead I set it to start with 'Normal Setup'. But it still did it. When I checked with MS as how to set up a 'Clean Boot'. They didn't mention 'Diagnostic Startup', which says..."load basic devices and services only".

Another thing is, that when I disconnect W7 64 and connect W7 32, 32 runs really well, without freezing or even hiccuping.

W7 64 temp:

CPU averages per core at.......31C




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