Everex Tempo LX Lap Top

  HardChikn 15:06 23 Apr 2003

Hello, I've just inherited an old Everex Tempo LX lap top in a dead condition have decided to revive it. I have yet to find any information on this machine, I therefore request any tech information that anyone can provide. Thanks for now. ME!

  Big Elf 15:15 23 Apr 2003

I haven't found much on it other than it seems to have a 386 CPU. Going by that it probably has less then 16MB RAM and a smallish hard disk of under 100MB. It may struggle to run even Win95. I recall the name though and seem to remember they were a UK company but haven't heard the name for years.

  anchor 15:49 23 Apr 2003

Here is the Everex site, they appear to be in Cyprus.

click here

Try sending an e-mail to Barry Trousdale, the area manager responsible for the UK.


It may well need a new battery; try here:

click here

  HardChikn 18:05 23 Apr 2003

Hi there Big Elf and Anchor, thanks for your responses.
I have found quite a lot of sites but they only offer battery or memory upgrades. I have so far managed to get the thing to boot up which is cool, but there is no OS onboard. There also seems to be an intermittent fault with the Hard drive. I'm getting there...!

  HardChikn 21:45 27 Apr 2003

Have managed to restore my Everex Tempo LX Lap Top. It works just but i don't really know what to do with it. I've installed Ms DOS on it so it's kinda fun working a dos machine.

Thanks again for your responses.

  anchor 16:40 29 Apr 2003

I think it should work OK with Windows 3.1, of you can find an set of floppies somewhere. At least that would be easier than DOS.

  Big Elf 16:52 29 Apr 2003

Have you found out what processor it is yet? If it's a 386 then, as anchor has suggested, it may work with Win 3.1. If it's a 286 then I don't think you can install windows but as always stand to be corrected on that point.

I have the genuine 3.10 install disks but can't remember now whether you needed a password to install. If you do then you're bu****d because I can't remember it and after a few house moves have lost any original documentation that came with it. Otherwise I'm happy to post them on to you if you separately email me your address. I haven't used them since 1994 so there's no guarantee that they haven't corrupted by now.

  HardChikn 20:42 30 Apr 2003

Hi there again anchor and big elf, you are right about it being a 386, a staggering 60Mb HD and an earth shattering 1Mb RAM.
I have been searching for Win3.11 floppies and was convinced that there were no coppies left on earth, but I was wrong, cos Big Elf has the one and only copy left. Yes please Big Elf.

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