Ever Happened To You?.......CD-ROMs Revenge!

  Mr Anderson 22:56 15 Jun 2003

To cut a long story short, installed a new hard drive into my brothers computer today following the failiure of an 8 year old HDD, installed all software, all was going fine until I installed Championship Manager.

I left the computer for a few minutes only to return to find a blue screen error...please insert cdrom....... Couldnt understand this so I tried to eject the CD, no joy.
The computer subsequently crashed and restarted. Very unstable possibly because of the half installed game I thought. Still couldnt ejest the cd even on whilst booting.
System still unstable..... Took out the cd in order to remove the disk only to find when I removed it from the case that there seemed to be a major rattle!! I took the bottom of the cd drive off to find my brothers CM disk in about 500 pieces!!!!

I have not put this cd back into the case as I also found a piece of the drive fell out (sheared off)

Computer was very unstable and reported bad sectors (about 3.5mb) reformatted and installed all software now fine

Conclusion = Nice sunny day spent infront of computer reformatting and installing TWICE and minus 1 CM game!!

Any thoughts? CDROM drive is about 4 months old!!

If I didnt laugh I would cry!!

  woodchip 23:04 15 Jun 2003

It happens, cause too fast drive and instability probs cause balance

  Totally-braindead 23:10 15 Jun 2003

It happenned to a mate of mine with a brand new disk, boy was he angry. Got off lighter than you in that his cdrom drive was ok and he got the software replaced with no problems. As woodchip says it happens, but I don't suppose thats much comfort. For what its worth you have my sympathy.

  Mr Anderson 23:21 15 Jun 2003

I just couldnt believe that a cd good get so busted up, I almost wish I had been there to hear the noise!

Couldnt quite understand where my bad sectors originated from. I formatted the drive this morning installed all software and had no bad sectors but when I went to reformat following the instability I had quite a few!

Still so long as they dont spread, like I said it was a new drive!

Cheers guys.

  Murray 23:30 15 Jun 2003

It could be worse, it could have been a shiny new Windows XP CD or some other rediculously overpriced (M$) software

  Rtus 00:00 16 Jun 2003

this is one of the times drive image comes to be invaluable....restoring a full system within an hour depending on size..over the hard drive .pop to the drives web site download their diagnostic software, it could just possible rid you of those bad sectors.no guarantees though.....

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