Ever decreasing hard disk space...

  Rick_X 18:50 29 May 2005

I have a fairly small IDE HDD (40GB) and was running with it nearly full to capacity, hence I deleted a lot of junk. However my free disk space does not seem to represent this. My swapfile is fixed and yet when, for example, I delete a 1.5GB folder I don't get an increase in disk space representative of that deletion. I defrag regularly and use Tuneup Utils 2004 do correct errors and yet still no dice! Does anyone know of any utils etc that can help me find all this disk space?? I'm running XP Pro and the recycle bin has been acting strange to say the least, not emptying correctly and so on. Any ideas!?!

  stalion 18:53 29 May 2005

try this click here

  Rick_X 19:10 29 May 2005

thanks for that, the program's really cool and seemed to pick up a few problems (mostly due to Norton software not uninstalling properly) but it doesn't seem to fix the issue of my dodgy recycle bin which empties but doesn't! (if you can understand what I mean by that!) You click on 'Empty' it whirs a bit and then says complete and yet 'Empty the recycle bin' remains as an option. If you click it again it asks you if you're sure you want to delete 'x' number of items which it then doesn't do and the cycle continues. For example I deleted a 765MB file earlier and god knows where it's gone as it hasn't been added to my free disk space...puzzling...

  stalion 20:06 29 May 2005

run a check disc to see if windows finds any file problems

  Completealias 22:46 29 May 2005

Ok you said you had norton installed on the pc I had a problem with dissapearing disk space and it turned out to be down to the norton protected recycle bin. I was like you deleting files and the space was not turning up.

I just turned this function off in norton and the problem was no longer but you said you'd uninstalled norton hmmm

In the end to find where my files had gone I used the NTFS dos disk from click here and did a search for the files using a wild card eg *.doc to find all word docs *.vob for vob files from dvds.

Once you've found where the files I be interested to know where they are

  Completealias 22:50 29 May 2005

I'd also run the system file checker through to see if that finds anything at the run prompt type sfc /scannow note the space its ment to be there and have your xp diak to hand incase it needs it.

  woodchip 22:56 29 May 2005

It's XP restore that is gobbling the disc space up, if you have it partitioned just set the C:\ Partition to about 8%. Other partitions disable Restore

  Completealias 22:59 29 May 2005

To clean out all but the most recent restore point right click on c drive disk clean up then the more options tab and there is a butoon down at the bottom to clean out the restore points.

The other way is to turn off system restore ths will wipe all of your restore points and then turn it back on and create a current restore point.

  Rick_X 00:18 31 May 2005

With a combination of all of the above I've managed to recover nearly 5GB and I found out that PGP was messing up my recycle bin. Brilliant thank you all!

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