Ever Changing Hard Drive Space since Vista Install

  kidda123 23:50 17 Jan 2009

Hi All,

I have just upgraded from XP Home to 64 bit Vista premium.

On My previous XP set I had a few programs and a few games installed and generally had about 275gb of space left over from my 320gb Hard Drive.

Now I have installed Vista it has fluctuated between 179gb at it's lowest and 249gb at it's highest. I have the same programs and games from my XP install.

I have tried all kinds of repair registry and defrag tools but I can't seem to get any closer to sorting this.

On my last defrag it said that over 30gb was fragmented and knocked 15gb off my hard drive. It currently stands at 203gb. (240gb earlier today!!!).

Please Help.

  kidda123 01:39 18 Jan 2009

It has dropped to 201gb and gone upto 206gb in the last hour,

Whats going on???

  User-1229748 01:54 18 Jan 2009

try going to disk cleanup and files for all users then more options and clean up system restore and shadow copies and see if you get a steady amount of disk space free by doing that a few times over a few days.

  kidda123 09:08 18 Jan 2009

Cheers Smackheadz,

I'll give the above a try. The disk space this morning is 220gb by the way?!

  aine 21:33 18 Jan 2009

I believe that Vista uses dump files, which I believe are duplicates of the files and programs you use. every so often it will dump these files and you HD capacity will go up.

  woodchip 21:53 18 Jan 2009

I Think you will find that it is Windows System Restore that Creates Restore Points and Deletes old ones. You can cut the size of disc space used for Restore points By going to system Restore Settings Drop the space used to about 8% of the Drive

  radi8or 06:10 19 Jan 2009

I don't think you can change allocated space as easily in Vista as you can in XP.

click here

Mind you I could be wrong, I usually am, my missus says so :0))

  kidda123 08:27 19 Jan 2009

Thanks for the Link I will give that a try. The available space is 239gb today. I have run both defrag and a registry cleaner recently both to no avail. The Vista defrag was still going after 12 hours!!! But was not showing what the progress was. So I had to cancel it. I have tried registry Mechanic that came with the latest copy of PC advisor, It takes 3.5 hours to complete a scan and shows about 2800 errors, all of which cannot be fixed. I have forwarded the log to PC tools but they came back with a stock response about compatibilty.

Can anyone recomend a decent 64 bit compatible FREE registry cleaner and a good defrag tool?


  kidda123 10:30 20 Jan 2009

The Hard drive seems to have settled at about 238gb. This is at least 31gb below the XP home basic install though, does this sound right?

I have give up on the defrag and registry clean. The defrag has never completed and the registry clean takes 3.5 hours and does not repair anything. Any Ideas?


  User-1229748 11:57 20 Jan 2009

a few regcleaners mentioned here,i would definately back up your registry if you give any a go click here

  aine 20:24 20 Jan 2009

Vista has dump files, when you go to another site . Vista will copy this file, to allow you to retrieve it should you wish later. Every so often it will dump these files giving you an increase in HD space.I believe this is correct. Aine

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