Event id 11 - replace cable

  jeano 15:10 25 Nov 2006

Event log indicates error with hard disk drive variously hard disk 2,3,4,5 (\Device\Hardisk*\D).
I have 2 hard disk drives Samsung SP1604N Ultra ATA/133 and Maxtor 6L 160PO plus internal card reader IN WIN iAPP HS-CF USB on NVIDIA nFORCE2 ATA controller (v2.6). I've checked the cables for loose connections and the card reader seemed suspect but even after tightening it the error still occurs several times a day. System is very slow to boot up and applications (such as windows explorer) crash frequently.

I dont know what cable to order or for which device. I've seen Belkin Internal IDE Dual Hard Drive Ribbon Cable - IDE / EIDE cable - 48.2 cm - will this connect to both hard drives?

Dont know much about the internals of the PC and my warranty has expired.

This should be a simple job shouldn't it?



  Terry Brown 15:31 25 Nov 2006

If you think the card reader ma be suspect, try going into the BIOS and disabling it, if this cures the problem, you have saved the cost of a cable, however I have never known of a cable to run and fail, they normally either work or they do not.

As far as I know any modern IDE cable will work with any IDE drive (SATA cables are different)

You may be short of drive space on your hard drive,short of memory (Recommend 1gb for running XP), drives in need of defragging, or a trogan and / or a virus.

Are you running any USB devices that require power from your system, is you power supply 'Spike & Surge' protected.

Is the problem when ( e.g.) a kettle is switched on)

You may have to many programs running on your system (do a google for 'starter.exe', this will tell you what programs are running when you boot up your machine.

I hope this helps

  jeano 10:39 28 Nov 2006

Drive C has 153 Gb space remaining. Drive recently defragged with Perfect Disk. I have some startup items permanently disabled and use only essentials such as Norton Internet Security. Have 1 Gb memory. Have power surge protector. USB device connected permanently is printer and Speed Touch modem. Other devices are connected as and when required - ie. memory stick, camera, external hard drive and scanner. None of these occasional devices are in use when disk error event occurs. Virus/spyware protection used Norton Internet Security, Spyware doctor, Adaware Professional, Spybot. No viruses ever found just low level risk tracking cookies.

I will typically get 4 eventid 11 errors appear in the log to coincide with a system boot but what do the numbers mean - ie Disk2, disk3, disk4 and disk5? Are they trying to identify a device or x instances of the error?

  Terry Brown 14:31 29 Nov 2006

click here

This utility will give the messages related to the numbers shown on your screen--Hope it helps.

  jeano 20:34 02 Dec 2006

Thanks for the link. Have installed program but it does not list event id errors. Windows Event viewer states:
"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk2\D.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at click here."

Microsoft links suggests the cable is loose or dodgy - hence my original query.

  jeano 13:09 07 Aug 2007

Never did resolve this. Machine died and was sent back to base for repair. They replaced power supply and mobo. Lasted about 5 months then died again. Now completed DEAD. So I'll tick this as resolved.

  PcZoner 02:52 29 Dec 2009

I recently started to have this EventID 11 message in my event viewer, and the file explorer would behave weirdly...hanging at start.

After some thinking and attempt to fix the problem without success, it seemed to be pointing to the 6in1 memory card reader,but I couldn't see why this little device would have gone wrong.

then I realise a possible problem which could have been caused by pluging a USB JOystick into the card reader's ports, main reasons beeing that it sucks too much power or noise for the card reader to operate properly.

unpluggin the joytstick and pluging it elsewhere fixed the whole bug!

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