European Keyboard

  Big Trev 12:20 02 Jul 2011

How do I change the keyboard on a laptop from European to British? Right now if I press shift + 2 I get an @ instead of ". There are other anomalies.


  woodchip 12:27 02 Jul 2011

I bought one by mistake, no pound sign on it. just standing doing nothing

  Nontek 12:35 02 Jul 2011

You should be able to change settings to English/United Kingdom from within Control Panel>Keyboard.

  Big Trev 12:47 02 Jul 2011

Nontek, I've tried that but it doesn't allow me that option.

  onthelimit1 12:59 02 Jul 2011

Your on the American stting - try regions and language in CP.

  Nontek 14:44 02 Jul 2011

onthelimit is correct - Sorry, I had meant to say Regional and Languages in Control Panel, not Keyboard!

  woodchip 22:23 02 Jul 2011

did not work for me

  onthelimit1 09:32 03 Jul 2011

Make sure all the drop-downs are for UK as per this link

  birdface 09:46 03 Jul 2011

This is the way you had to do it with US keyboards.

Start/Control panel/Regional and Language options/language/details/add

Add English UK keyboard from drop down menu and then apply.

Now on that part of it would come up as English UK + English US and you had to remove the US bit for it to work properly,So not sure if you have the same problem with the European keyboard.

  Nontek 09:57 03 Jul 2011

Big Trev

It might help if we knew the make and model of the laptop.

  woodchip 15:19 03 Jul 2011

does not work for me as the keyboard layout is different

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