Euro 2004 - A problem

  Mo H 23:32 13 Jun 2004

I think that by changing the operating sytem from Diamond 2.0a to Straight Aross 2004 Version 3 was a mistake we needed Holding 2 and system is unsure of which way to go. To remove Rooney+ from Goalfinder Deluxe and replace him with Shrek 2 was a poor decision. With King 1 newly launched things play ok for 88 minutes or so but due to incompatability problems with Terry 5 then King 1 is a good alternative. Saving James is not poor quality and tends to freeze on ZFK 2 (Zidane Free Kicks) although due to Donkey Kong messing around outside it's parameters it is inevitably going to cause problems and finally Golden Balls Penalty certainly needs tweaking with something or another. Owen 10 Needs an Upgrade and Vasell 4 looks promising.

Any thoughts????

  stalion 23:35 13 Jun 2004

F.E has already removed one football related post

  VoG II 23:36 13 Jun 2004

Get a life. This is a computer helpline. Une victoire célèbre.

  The Mad Monk 23:50 13 Jun 2004

Ce n'etais une probleme. C'est la vie!!


  The Spires 00:01 14 Jun 2004


  Dan the Confused 00:06 14 Jun 2004

Bien je pense le français joué très bien et tout à fait mérité pour gagner.

  gudgulf 00:13 14 Jun 2004

Perhaps a free firewall such as zone alarm would have been better than the overpriced defense chosen in this case?

Also as many users to this forum have proved in their postings---it is far better to update your systems as soon as weaknesses are identified---not wait until someone has produced an attack that exploites that weakness.

  MartinT-B 00:13 14 Jun 2004


I thought that was well thought out. Sure it's OT but at least you kept the theme of PC problems.

One thing you have to understand. Not only is this a PC help forum it's an English PC help forum.

A lot of the soi-disant 'helpers' here are soul mates to Mary Whitehouse. Just as she had an inability to stop watching, or use he off button, these old fogeys cannot stop reading OT threads. They then work themselves into an incredible state of apoplectic rage and, foaming at the mouth, feel they have done everyone a huge service but reporting the post.

I forsee a lot of jibbering over the next few weeks.

  Forum Editor 00:42 14 Jun 2004

but an awful lot of people do not, and we certainly aren't going to impose such discussions on others in what is a computer - oriented forum. I'm a bit of a football fan myself, but I wouldn't dream of assuming that others are.

MartinT-B may find it amusing to make scornful and offensive remarks about other forum users because they voice an objection, but I don't share his sense of humour I'm afraid. I'll certainly not tolerate any more childishness along such lines.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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