the Euro

  hgrock 21:31 08 Aug 2003

how do you print the euro sign on a keyboard that hasn't the key

  Valvegrid 21:34 08 Aug 2003

I'm not sure if this will come out ?

  Valvegrid 21:35 08 Aug 2003

No it doesn't, but try going to start>run>system tools and clicking on character map and you should find it there.


  Bandy 21:36 08 Aug 2003

? I use alt gr and 4

  Kitz E Kat 21:39 08 Aug 2003

You dont!!!!!
I have it on my dell but it dont work on this site you just get a ?, as Valvegrid demonstrated.

I just tried it on my laptop running Red Hat 9 and you get , yup nothin!!!!

Which is about right,you get nothin for a Euro!!

I rest my case......

Kitz E

  powerless 22:33 08 Aug 2003

Press ALT+0128

Use the numeric keys.

This will give you the Euro ;-)

  pj123 23:40 08 Aug 2003

You need to press and hold the Alt Gr key and press the figure 4 key along the top row, not on the number keypad. The figure 4 key should show $ 4 and ?, if it doesn't you need a new keyboard.

  pj123 23:46 08 Aug 2003

Sorry, the euro sign came out as a ? so it looks like the PC forum can't show the euro symbol, but it should be on the number 4 key along the top row. Although as Powerless says it is Alt+0128. You must have "Num lock" on to use the keypad though.

  Migwell 23:52 08 Aug 2003

Press Alt Gr which is on the right of the space bar and the number 4 key along tho top of the alpha keys and you get a ?. At least you do with my Microsoft Internet key board. I don't know if other key boards work like this, but its worth a try.

Regards Migwell

  Migwell 23:56 08 Aug 2003

It came out as a ? after going thro PCAdvisor computer, so I think there could be more to it than I first thought. But give it a try it came out on my puter.


  Gandalph 23:58 08 Aug 2003

?......Alt 0128, without the space.

€ in other modes. i.e. html etc,.

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