Is Etomi P2P service safe to use?

  Simon55 12:15 22 Jan 2005

I have loaded Etomi P2P service and would like confirmation that it is a safe thing to do. I have paid a subscription fee, but wonder whether I should continue with it. Any feedback from existing users would be welcomed.

  Kate B 12:25 22 Jan 2005

As a general rule, you should make sure after you install any kind of p2p app that you do a full scan with up to date antiscumware such as a-squared, ad aware, spybot etc - they should between them sniff out any nasties that have snuck in alongside the software.

if you're careful there shouldn't be any problems but you are compromising your pc's security: that risk is up to you. Having said that, I've p2p apps (thought not etomi) with no problems.

  Simon55 12:36 22 Jan 2005

Thanks for this. I have run adaware after Etomi was installed, and removed the spyware. My concern though is does it bring any Trojans or similar that adaware would miss. Also does ongoing use of Etomi bring more spies?

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