ethernet pci card installation

  rambus 19:19 14 Jun 2003

having proplem trying to install ethernet pci card.
phyisicaly install card in pc, and boot up pc.
start up go`s ok till just before desktop should appear, then system freezes.
remove ethernet card and reboot, everthing ok.
can anyone tell me where i am going wrong.
many thanks, rambus.

  SEASHANTY 19:28 14 Jun 2003

I presume that you are actually trying to fit this card into a PCI slot (these are white) and not an
ISA slot (coloured black) or the maybe unused AGP slot (coloured brown). It will only fit into the white PCI slot one way. Check that no obstruction is in the way - bent pins in the slot for instance. Also that there is no damage to the card itself. Just line it up correctly and apply even pressure along the full length of the tp and push down on it. Should be a fairly tight fit but it should go down into the V slotted pins correctly.

  jazzypop 19:32 14 Jun 2003

Which network card? Make and model, please.

Which motherboard? As above

Meanwhile, can you try to install it into a different pci slot? Perhaps swapping it over with an existing pci card?

  SEASHANTY 19:35 14 Jun 2003

It could be that the card is faulty or has damaged pins. Windows should detect the card and install it okay. The only certain way to tell if the card is faulty is to try another card - preferably a known good one out of another PC. Failing that - and if you cannot borrow one - it means buying a new one for around a tenner or less. I keep a spare one - just in case!

  Bebee 19:42 14 Jun 2003

I don't now if it is relevant - I have only installed wireless PCI - but these said that the software should be installed before inserting the card. Even so I would expect Windows to start and install drivers. Sounds like faulty card or slot as already suggested.

  rambus 19:51 14 Jun 2003

thanks for help i will try a different pci slot.
mother board is a chaintech unsure of model
card is a nc-100tx-r
thanks again

  rambus 21:29 20 Jun 2003

tried a differant pci slot as advised and it is working a treat. thanks for your help/advice.
great help.

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