ethernet modem and wireless setup

  Gibbons 20:14 04 Jan 2006

Hi i got an ethernet modem and wireless router to replace my old usb modem but i have had problems getting it to work. Basically it my computer isnt recognising the new internet connection and even though ive deleted the old usb one it is still not loading up web pages etc. I have got my modem plugged into my router and my router into my pc. I tried to press on with the installation despite the current lack of activity on the internet front (incidently i know its connected becasue firefox works just nothing else) however when i am about to set up my wireless options it says it cannot connect to the internet. Any help? i think it might be something to do with proxy stuff but i dont really understand it so am stuck! thanks.

  Halmer 20:53 04 Jan 2006

Seems to me like many of us have had these for Christmas with resulting problems.

Whay make/model is it?

  Gibbons 20:56 04 Jan 2006

modem is d-link 300t, router is netgear WGR614UK Wireless 54G Cable/DSL Router.

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