Ethernet up/download speeds with "faster" routers

  Maughan67 21:03 13 Nov 2007

Hello all!

I have a standard 802.11g wireless router (Belkin). I have a) a PC connected by ethernet cable and b) a couple of laptops (and a smart phone) connected wirelessly.

My question is: if I were to buy an upgraded router (e.g. a G+ MIMO), which is supposedly faster, would I obtain any increase in up/download speed via the ethernet connection? Or is it only the wireless capability that improves with "faster" routers?

If the ethernet connection (currently showing as 100Mbps in the "Network Connection Status" window) is not going to get any faster, then I will probably not get a G+ MIMO as I use the PC for 90% of my computing time - the laptop speeds are good enough (for now).

Thank you!


  Ashrich 21:52 13 Nov 2007

You'll still only get 100Mbps with a Mimo router , the speed boost is only for wireless , although transferring files between the laptops and main PC would get a real boost .


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