Ethernet controller connection type help!

  Caine 13:38 28 May 2008

System: WinXP, Netgear Router DG834G
Last week my router connection dropped out with the error message 'Network cable is unplugged'. I got back online with my trusty old speedtouch 330 and got some advice from a thread to alter the settings of my Ethernet controller. I have ULi pci Ethernet Controller and I changed the connection type from the default 'Auto sense' to 10 Mbps full_duplex and it all came back on! Can someone tell me what I have actually changed and why it should have happened. I've had the Netgear router DG834G set on its default settings (auto sense) for months & its been OK. An 'Internet Gateway' connection has also appeared in the network connection manager (It could have been there before, I don't remember!)
I would really welcome an explanation.

  brundle 18:05 28 May 2008

You've reduced the speed of the interface by a factor of 10. Check the cable for damage. Check with the manufacturer of your Ethernet hardware to see if there's a driver update. Internet Gateway in Network Manager usually means either the SSDP and/or UPnP service is running. SSDP is nothing to worry about, but you might want to check the configuration of your router to ensure UPnP is disabled (it opens ports automatically, a bit of a security risk).

  Caine 19:08 28 May 2008

Thanks for your response.
I've had the cable checked and used another known to be OK, and still get this same result. I've done a driver update and that produced nothing new. Is there anything else that would have compromised the speed?

  brundle 21:40 28 May 2008

Faulty router? Can you try it on another machine or borrow one to test on your machine?

  Caine 14:33 02 Jun 2008

I think I've isolated the issue. I noticed that the programme drst.exe (Dr Speedtouch) was being very active trying to moniter the connection even though the speedtouch modem was not plugged in. when I disabled the process and reset the ethernet connection to autosense it went back to its original setting. I've now re-enabled drst.exe to see if it makes it 'crash' again. It hasn't yet, but it appears that that's the culprit. I now remember something about uninstalling your modem drivers before enabling a router, maybe that's what was wrong. Funny it worked for so long though!!
Thanks for your help and time,

  brundle 14:57 02 Jun 2008

Glad it's sorted, thanks for getting back with the solution.

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