Is an ethernet card a broadband modem?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 11:43 26 Mar 2003

Broadband is becoming available in my area at the end of April, so i am getting ready for it. I have chosen an ADSL service from Virgin.

Every single broadband provider that i have looked at, are gonna charge me for a broadband modem which i am not too bothered about.

But i thought an ethernet card was a broadband modem....durrrr. Am i way off the mark??


  Jane doe 11:53 26 Mar 2003

yes. Basically an Ethernet card fits in your machine and is the means by which you connest to a broadband modem which stands alone outside the machine. Ours were provided free from Telewest when we signed up last year. There are clever people in here who will give you more in-depth technical explanations but I have just tried to keep it simple or I lose myself.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:57 26 Mar 2003

As Jane Doe points out an ehternet card is not a cable modem. As you have opted for ADSL you will still need an ADSL Cable Modem. This can either be internal (PCI) or external connected via a USB Cable or a CAT-5 network cable. An ethernet card is used to connect a computer to an ethernet network.

  Jane doe 11:59 26 Mar 2003

See I told you someone would know the technical answer. lol :>)

  TimC 12:08 26 Mar 2003

Agree with the responses - I would recommend getting a router with built in ADSL modem, as this offers the greatest flexibility. This is what Sir Radfordin refers as connected via CAT-5 network cable. Some even have built in WLAN too.

A good source of info is ADSL guide found click here - look under hardware reviews.

If you have or are likely to have additional PCs wanting to use the connection, or you want to go Wireless it is the easiest way! Otherwise you end up buying a PCI/USB ADSL modem, and then having to do something like internet connection sharing and still needing a router/hub!

  Ben Avery 12:13 26 Mar 2003

like the NTL service then you can use an ethernet card to connect to the built in modem in the cable set-top box - this may be what you were originally thinking of.

However, this would mean you need to have cable TV with NTL too (I have and use a similar configuration myself except I run an Ethernet to USB convertor and run it in a spare USB port).


  SpyMan²°°­­³ 13:59 26 Mar 2003

thanks all

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