Ethernet cables

  GEWAHU 10:40 26 Aug 2010

I need some help here. I have installed ethernet cables in my house. This is to run my BT home hub, in the study, to my TV, in the lounge. The connection in my lounge is connected to my BT Vision box. After making all the connections at least three times and getting nowhere I have resorted to getting the BT engineers in.
He's now working on it but says we need to use the Powerethernet boxes provided by BT.
BT ethernet cables only hold 4 wires but my ethernet cable is using 8, is this what could be causing the problem?.
Regards and thanks for any info.

  DieSse 11:31 26 Aug 2010

Ethernet cables are 8 wires - that's a standard.

If you've made your own cables, the most likely thing is that you've not wired them correctly, or you've not made the connections to the connectors or plugboxes well enough.

Can you explain the way you've wired up - ie from where to where and how, please.

  howard64 11:42 26 Aug 2010

I have installed many ethernet cables and it is very easy to mistakenly put the wrong wires in a terminal. If you have a toolstation near you they sell the ethernet test set for under £9 and this will tell you if the wiring is correct.

  GEWAHU 12:10 26 Aug 2010

The cable installed, i.e. from the wall socket, through the house to the other socket has eight wires. These have been wired in as per the coloured notification inside the socket. Both ends are correctly wired.
The ethernet cable supplied by BT only has four wires, if I repalced them with some eight wired cables do you think this will solve the problem?.

  howard64 12:13 26 Aug 2010

I am guessing that the bt cable is just to go between the hub and the pc but it should be 8 wire. You will need 8 wire patch cables to connect the hub to your lines.

  retep888™ 12:19 26 Aug 2010

BT cable carries 2 pairs of wires (Orange/WhiteOrange & Green/whiteGreen,they may use some other colour combinations thou) because only 4 wires in an ethernet cable are carrying the datas while the other 2 pairs are unused or spare for another network connection or 2 phone lines.

click here

BT is obviously cutting the waste/cost down for a good reason. I wish I could get a good 2 twisted pairs ethernet cable with good shield /insulation too.

  howard64 12:29 26 Aug 2010

I trust you are not mistaking the cable from the filter to the hub for an ethernet cable? Could I ask how you have run your ethernet cables throughout the house? Mine start and end at an ethernet socket. I then use a patch cable from the socket to the hub/router and another patch cable from the far end socket to the pc/laptop/equipment etc.

  GEWAHU 12:39 26 Aug 2010

Great reply.
The cables, BT supplied, are to connect from the BT hub to the Powernet boxes which allow the signal to pass through the electric circuit within the house. What I wanted to do when I had the ethernet cable installed was to get rid of the Powernet boxes.
The cables supplied by BT are not ethernet cables.
If I get the correct ethernet cables would you think that this would solve the problem?.

  howard64 12:52 26 Aug 2010

yes possibly - you have not told me what you have done regarding running the ethernet cables?

  GEWAHU 13:31 26 Aug 2010

The ethernet cables are all in the wall and through the ceiling, luckily or not, I live in a bunglaow.

  howard64 14:54 26 Aug 2010

yes but how did you terminate the cables?

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