Ethernet Cable with Wireless

  RGB76 15:50 18 Feb 2010

Hi all,

My ethernet connection keeps being dissabled and I don`t know why, is having the ethernet cable really necessary or is the Wireless Router alright without it.
My signal strength is excelent, is there any reason why I can`t leave that cable dissabled.

I`m running Vista P/Win 7 dual boot.

Many Thanks


  tullie 16:19 18 Feb 2010

Wired or wireless,its up to you.

  rizlo29 17:54 18 Feb 2010

You can lose connectivity to either Ethernet or wireless.

Ive never used vista yet but it might be same/similar go to cmd.

Try this with Ethernet cable pluged in and wireless off.

On xp its start>>run type cmd press enter. Then type ipconfig/all.

What does it say in the local area section?

Do you have an ip address starting with 192?

Also is dhcp enabled?

Whilst you are on prompt try this.

Ipconfig/all then ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew then reboot, any difference?

  RGB76 18:42 18 Feb 2010

I`ve found things better without the ethernet cable plugged in, so I think I will stay that way for a while.
Very many thanks to you both.


  rizlo29 21:31 18 Feb 2010

OK, but it is always best to have local area connection functioning, so that you can go online if your wireless drop etc.

It really is a few steps to sort it out, especially when you wireless adaptor is connected.

  RGB76 11:36 19 Feb 2010

Hi rizlo29, I do have local area connection available without having the ethernet cable connected, and everything is running very smoothly now.
Many thanks for your advice which I have saved.

Kind regards


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