Ethernet cable with usb ?

  towzer 14:46 03 Mar 2008

Hi can anyone tell me if you can get an ethernet cable that can be used as usb port ?

Ive tried everything else pcmi card,usb port

If so can someone please send me a link

Hope thats clear enough

  jolorna 15:03 03 Mar 2008

try here click here and see if this is what your wanting

  boots2 15:05 03 Mar 2008

Try a Belkin USB 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor .
Is that what you are after.

  towzer 15:08 03 Mar 2008

Sorry iam not 100 % it is !

So i take it i can plug this cable into my ethernet port then plug a usb cable into this adapter ?

Thanks very much for your help

  towzer 15:24 03 Mar 2008

is that a usb to ethernet ?

i need the ethernet to usb, is there such a thing ?


  Woolwell 15:45 03 Mar 2008

I don't think that there is but what are you trying to do? As I am a bit puzzled by your questions.

  towzer 15:57 03 Mar 2008

Sorry if iam not making myself clear, iam in work and keep hearing footsteps behind me LOL !

My laptop usb ports do not work, on device manager they say they do ( ive tried re installing them and nothing/tried drivers)

Ive also had a go using a pcmia card with with usb ports but i cant get that working either.

So my qestion was is there such a cable that i can plug into the ethernet port that has a usb adapter on the end ?


  dms05 16:13 03 Mar 2008

So you want to run your USB devices through the LAN port? You can find many devices that work the other way (ie run LAN devices through a USB port or even run LAN through PCMCIA) but I've never seen a device that allows you to run USB devices through a LAN port. I've run USB devices (HDD, Printer, DVD Writer) through a PCMCIA card with USB 2 sockets.

  keef66 17:06 03 Mar 2008

sounds like you really need to fix the usb ports on your laptop. When did they go missing?

What happens if in Device Manager you uninstall all the usb entries, then reboot the pc?

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