ethernet cable

  bert52a 14:57 28 Feb 2008

I am utterly confused.
I have had wireless internet up and running for about three years.My isp is aol.Most of the time i'm happy with the service although it can run slow at times but then that happens to them all, doesn't it?
My confusion started with probs about a fortnight ago when i couldn't connect.After lots of conflicting advice there was an announcement that thee had been a server problem and things started working again-at least i could login to internat but not use aol software.I ignored this thinking I'd sort it out when I had time.So yesterday i rang aol helpline and after 2nd call was back online-they said the software was corrupt.I uninstalled and re-installed and everything was working fine.I put pc into hibernation came back a few hours later and it wouldn't work.Rang aol =they said it was a server prblem and I'd be able to connect after 15 mins.I tried ,I couldn't.I tried every hour for 54 hours and i still couldn't.Rang back this morning and they said i needed a new ethernet cable because the one i'd been using wasn't an ethernet cable-but how had the wireless been set up in the first place if I was using the wrong cable?
any ideas

  Jak_1 15:36 28 Feb 2008

I take it that you don't have the ethernet cable attached! Did you tell AOL that you were using a wireless connection?

  bert52a 15:50 28 Feb 2008

yes i did tell them i was using a wireless connection.They wanted me to use the ethernet cable to set up the netgear router.I've probably done that half a dozen times before this because of connexion probs and I've never had this problem before.

  ambra4 16:40 28 Feb 2008

It is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected cable to the Router via a Ethernet RJ45 cable for router setup.

Using a wireless connected computer for setup is Not recommended to access router setup at any time.

Recommends that you perform the initial Router configuration
from a computer that is directly connected to one of the LAN ports.
If you configure the Router from a wireless computer, you will lose contact with
the Router and can corrupt the software if you change the wireless configuration.

It is strongly recommended that you use a computer
Physically connected to the Router with an RJ45 cable for initial setup.
Using a wirelessly connected computer for initial set-up is NOT recommended.

Recommends using a wired connection, meaning your computer is physically connected to the AirStation with a CAT5 straight cable plugged into one of the four LAN ports
This type of set-up will eliminate possible set-up problems due to any issues with the wireless adapter on the computer corrupting the firmware on the AirStation.

You must access the modem router from a wired physically connected cable to the Router

  bert52a 16:55 28 Feb 2008

thanks for this info but I already know this.
My confusion is that aol are telling me that I'm using the wrong wires when the only ones I have are the ones supplied by netgear with the router which I have successfully used before on a number of occassions.
if they are the wrong cables why did they work on the other occassions.They are telling me that an ethernet cable that i bought from pc world ,on their recommendation because they thought there was a fault with the original, is fine but the yellow cable supplied by netgear is the wrong one.
hope this makes sense?

  [email protected] 17:43 28 Feb 2008

I would borrow another cable from somewhere, a known serviceable one. Just needs a dicky joint somewhere to give the problems you describe. At least this would eliminate the cable problem; then try to set up the router as per. Crossover cables look identical to Ethernet cables and fit the same ports, just for info.

  bert52a 18:12 28 Feb 2008

thanks i will try that.

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