Ethernet Backup?

  ste_bla 14:10 09 May 2004

I have a ethernet 10/100 network and was wondering if there are and cheap backup network devices.. what i mean is like the LA CIE EHTERNET DISK but thats 300+ for 80gb..

If not could any1 surgest some specs for a computer for network back up i was thinking of:

1.2 duron
400gb (2x200)
O/B sound/vga
10/100 NIC

  LastChip 14:58 09 May 2004
  ste_bla 15:06 09 May 2004

Would that external drive be seen as a real drive would i be able to share it with other pc's on the network?

  TomJerry 15:41 09 May 2004

If you got a router which support external HDD via usb port, you can use any cheap external usb HDDs. There must be some products out there, Asus make this sort of thing which can use as printer server as well, they have two products, both are wireless, one 11b and one 11g, it seems that usb is only for usb1.1. You could check it out your self. Product spec: click here buy (£56) here click here. This is 11g version, 11b version a couple pounds cheaper.

  TomJerry 15:43 09 May 2004

Then, other PCs can share it through this PC. The same way as you share folers with other PCs.

  LastChip 15:46 09 May 2004

If your interested, e-mail Maxtor through their web site and ask the question.

I would have thought it would appear as a removable drive and then you can share it in the normal manner. For example, I just connected a card reader on my home network, configured it to share, and opened files on my daughters machine, so I see no reason in principal why it cannot be shared.

If you decide to talk to Maxtor, I would be interested in the definitive reply please.

  LastChip 15:48 09 May 2004

The advantage is, it can be "hot swapped".

  ste_bla 15:50 09 May 2004

Yea just emailed them i'll forward it on to you...

  ste_bla 16:01 09 May 2004

also yea i could just swap over from one comp 2 other but then i hav to get off my arse trawle under desk unplug power suply shout at it as it will undoubtily b tangled up and then walk!! way 2 much..

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