ethernet adaptor or usb for internet

  darthballs 09:37 15 Dec 2007

can i use the ethernet fast paced adaptor instead of the usb port for my internet connection? ive upgraded to 20mb but the modem is plugged into the usb, i tried an ethernet cable (rj45 ?) but the modem dint recognise any pc activity being there. could this just be a dodgy ethernet cable? what should be my next step beefore i stat banging my head!!


  birdface 09:48 15 Dec 2007

Have you tried switch everything off on the mains switch,Then connect your ethernet cable switch the mains switch back on and wait two minutes for the modem to power up properly then switch your computer on and see if that makes any difference.

  darthballs 10:06 15 Dec 2007

tried that just, nothing!

just to make sure i'm trying right, there are 3 sockets on the pc that the cable slots into:
1 says phone
1 says line
1 has a picture of 3 monitors, two next to each other with te other on top of them, this is the one i'm plugging it into.


  birdface 10:17 15 Dec 2007

Sorry I cant see round the back of my computer but as far as I know I had only one socket that the ethernet cable would fit into.Mind you it is an old computer.

  darthballs 10:29 15 Dec 2007

i tried the other two, but alas nothing. the modem should recognise the pc as being there shouldnt it? i havent got to change internet settings or anything have i?

  birdface 10:37 15 Dec 2007

Hi.I thought someone would have came back to you by now.Is it an old computer that you have and does it have an ethernet card or board fitted.Or maybe make sure it has a good connection to your motherboard.Or maybe you have to go to the new connection wizard in accessories.But I would have thought that it should work as soon as it was plugged in.

  MAJ 10:40 15 Dec 2007

Which router and which modem do you have? Sounds like you're using a Virgin cable connection, is that correct?

  birdface 10:43 15 Dec 2007

If you go into Control Panel.Network connections.There is a column on the left which says create a new connection.or network troubleshooter.I would have thought it would have connected automatically though.

  darthballs 10:44 15 Dec 2007

the modem is a motorola sb5100, I don't have a router, is that why im getting a connection? does the ethernet go to a router then? i might be getting somewhere now?


  birdface 10:45 15 Dec 2007

Thanks for jumping in to help.I really don't have a clue.I hope you can sort it out for him.

  MAJ 10:49 15 Dec 2007

No the fact that you don't have a router is not the problem, darthballs. Did Virgin supply you with that modem?

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