etec adsl conexant modem/router

  njmt7 14:25 23 Sep 2006

I'm having trouble with this baby. I wanted to install on ethernet but my pc can't seem to see the hardware. So I installed on USB - pc found it fine, but then gave me a message not to install the drivers as they are not microsoft approved and will muck up my pc. also I have heard that installing on USB can cause real problems.

Anyone cast light on this for me? and how do I get drivers that will not muck up?

Thank you

  ed-0 16:25 23 Sep 2006

" they are not microsoft approved "

XP always says this if they can't find any reference to the hardware in it's database. You always pick " ignore " and it loads the drivers and 99 times out of a hundred they work.

"and will muck up my pc. "

It actually said that, did it? Or something similar;-)

  njmt7 16:29 23 Sep 2006

Well it might not have been word for word!

Thanks that's a relief. I feel MS is a sort of Big Brother who will physically prevent me from doing what I want.

Can you help about the modem via ethernet problem at all?

  ed-0 16:35 23 Sep 2006

If you know the model, then the drivers from eTEC are here. click here

  ed-0 16:38 23 Sep 2006

When you connected via ethernet. Did you enter the routers setup routine and enter your details?

have you set the router up. I mean input all your settings?

Realy the best place you want to be is the networking forum click here. The people in there are the bees knees for routers.

  ade.h 16:52 23 Sep 2006

I'm not sure that this is actually a router, though I'm happy to be proved wrong as njmt7 is - hopefully - best placed to confirm either way.

One problem for me is that USB is not a networking interface, and thus routers never use USB to connect to clients. A very small number of older routers had a USB port for USB modems, but they all have to use Ethernet or another networking interface to communicate with their clients.

The other give away is that routers don't install and certainly don't use drivers.

I think this must be just a modem.

  njmt7 17:06 23 Sep 2006

It is an eTec PT-3818 Wireless ADSL Router. ...supports Ethernet/USB. It lists a host of network features on the box most of which are beyond me. It has a host of bridger/router protocols ditto. The instructions refer to Modem Router Installation using the ethernet cable as the preferred method, or via USB which will then mimic a network card.

When you've done the installation you then have to configure the router via a web address.

When I connected using the ethernet cable nothing seemed to happen - the PC didn't see anything new had been attached and the instructions don't mention what you have to do for installation via ethernet, but of course without a connection I can't go onto the web address to do the configuration so something must be missing?

That damp patch is my desperate weeping.

  ade.h 17:27 23 Sep 2006

"nothing seemed to happen"

It won't.

"the PC didn't see anything new had been attached"


Routers don't install in any way, so there is nothing for the router's clients to see. All they see is their own LAN connection and the default gateway IP address (that of the router) from which they receive LAN and internet traffic.

After connecting a router via RJ45 (Ethernet), you simply enter its gateway IP into a browser's address bar and you will find youself in the configuration user interface, From the config UI, it is a straightforward taks to configure a new internet/WAN connection, enable the wireless service, change the Service Set ID and enable encryption protocols.

  ade.h 17:28 23 Sep 2006

Glad you didn't miss the P from weeping, by the way! ;o)

  njmt7 17:42 23 Sep 2006

Okay - so far so good only...

With minute care I have followed each step. Connected modem/router to broadband enabled phone socket using a microfilter. Powered up m/r, plugged in Ethernet cable at each end (running fine). But how oh how do I make the internet connection to configure the thing? My ISP is a dial up dsl connection and without my usual modem I can't connect. The m/r says to me with its nice steady green light that it has an adsl connection.

This strikes me as a bit of a catch-22.

Why do computers make me lose faith in my ability to think?

  njmt7 17:44 23 Sep 2006

delete "faith in"

I wish it was gin and tonic time.

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