Essential Start-Up & Running Programs?

  dublincity 11:33 13 Mar 2005

I'm on XP Pro and I've got a lot of 'Start Up Managers' but tend to use WinPatrol mostly and WinTools Pro occasionally. They're both effective and user-friendly.

I never change 'Running Programs' 'cause I don't understand any of 'em. I recently found the XP list and spotted that Windows Running Programs were marked 'Manual', 'Automatic' or 'Disabled'. I've no idea whether or not all should be enabled?

After trial and error, I don't allow ANY start-up programs EXCEPT anti-virus, firewall and a few spyware barriers and monitors. Occasionally, some Windows program inserts itself and I just remove it from the menu.

I've got a lot of minor problems (can't change font style in OE, can't change text size in IE, can't make message boxes bigger etc.) - can anybody tell me if there are any Windows programs that I SHOULD allow to be in the Start Up Menu and if so, how do I do it? Many Thanks.

  dagwoood 11:39 13 Mar 2005

dublincity, click here for a list of what services you need/may need on start up.

HTH, dagwoood.

  bluesbrother 11:56 13 Mar 2005

If you are not sure about a process or .dll have a look here. click here

  dublincity 14:30 13 Mar 2005

Thanks for the links - I have a lot of studying to do

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