Escaping from iTunes

  kimtrnc 16:25 25 Jan 2012

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE how can I stop iTunes from sending me mails. No matter how hard I try, I am totally unable to ditch this *!!! Apple intrusion. I can't change my email, and unless I blow up my computer, I cannot escape this flood of unwanted info, nor even set up another identity..... HELP!

  bremner 16:38 25 Jan 2012

What are the emails about.

Have been using iTunes for many years and never had a single email.

  bremner 16:43 25 Jan 2012

Just had a look at my account. There is a setting for an email alert when certain downloads are available.

I have this set to off.

I am guessing you have it switched on.

  kimtrnc 08:21 26 Jan 2012

Thanks for answering, Bremner. All I want to do is completely dump Apple and iTunes. However hard I try, I cannot escape - the so-called "Help" goes round and round in circles. It is impossible to get free. Is there some way of blocking any specific contact from Apple?

I have tried everything. I don't even have an iPad anymore - Android much much better. I did try to set up a separate account, which I could then ignore, but I don't believe that would get me off hte hook.

Very grateful for any further help!

  KRONOS the First 09:42 26 Jan 2012

I use this very useful service for troublesome companies who will not take no for an answer. Temporary Email.

  kimtrnc 15:25 26 Jan 2012

Thankyou Bremner - that SEEMS to have worked. Failing that, I will fire a rocket at an Apple.....!!

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