eSATA on Acer x1700 desktop not working

  enonod 09:55 14 May 2009

I have an Acer Aspire X1700 desktop computer which has an eSATA socket. OS is Vista 64.
I have a WD Book 500Gb Studio which also has eSATA.

When the two are connected the BIOS settings show that the drive has been detected, but windows does not complete loading, instead, after the first display of the progress bar the screen is blank and the drive is alternately being accessed along with the internal SATA drive. I stopped after 90 minutes and several tries.
The drive is perfect on USB and Firewire connections.
Does anybody know what is wrong please?

  enonod 09:22 17 May 2009

I have done a lot of work on this and determined that the Book drive is not hot swappable but...

..Start drive, wait for lights to stop flashing. Plug into system and power up system. System hangs after windows progress bar. Unplug eSata cable, windows continues, but no drive installed.

..As above but don't plug into system until the round windows logo appears. Windows loads OK, the drive is recognised in 'Computer' and 'Management' and is accessible sometimes (maybe timing of plug in). All OK.

..As above but sometimes opening 'computer' hangs. Unplug drive cable and a message that the drive needs formatting.

Whenever the computer hangs it is usually releasable by unplugging the eSata cable. Plugging back in sometimes works?

..the drive goes busy and windows is waiting for something, removing the cable provides that by removing a busy signal?? Odd that windows is released rather than crashing, which indicates that windows requires some feedback.

..the format on the drive is somehow supposed to be different. I notice that using windows format leaves an empty drive, using Acronis format gave two system folders (or left them but did a 'quick' format).

Final conclusion, it is not the eSata on the Acer. It is not the cable or sockets. It could be the WD Book drive remaining busy. It could be something in Vista 64 but not likely, others had the problem with XP.

Drivers. I got the latest drivers for NVidia GeForce 7100/nForce 630i v15.26 16 March 2009 for Vista 64. Installed, all appeared to be OK but the drivers shown in windows are still the microsoft ones 2008. Anybody can help with that?

  radi8or 10:42 17 May 2009


Are you sure you have the right graphic driver according to click here-(64-bit)-download-2279.html 15.xx drivers are for Windows 7.

Latest Vista 64 is 185.85 08/05/2009

  radi8or 10:44 17 May 2009

click here-(64-bit)-download-2279.html

  radi8or 10:50 17 May 2009

Sorry enonod clicky isn't working properly,

click here top of page

  enonod 16:03 17 May 2009

@radi8or, thanks but...
Yesterday I went to the nVidia site and downloaded v 185.85 for GeForce 9300GE Vista 64 6-5-2009

and v15.26 for GeForce 7100/nForce 630i Vista 64 16-3-2009

It specifically said Vista 64. I don't always trust these second sites and always go direct if possible. The above match the devices fitted.
The latter obtained here...
click here
I don't know how to make a link here.
If you can say I am wrong please do because I want it solved. When it did run I obtained 50MB/s

  enonod 16:08 17 May 2009

I can't find an edit box so another post.
I don't seem able to find where the drivers have been put after install. I still find Microsoft drivers.??? any help.

  radi8or 15:12 18 May 2009


My apologies thought you were talking graphic drivers when I saw nVidia gForce, teach me to read the post properly in future.

Regards Bob

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