Esampler cookie

  Tenacious Green 20:20 17 Jan 2005

I keep getting this annoying cookie which opens a little box in the taskbar when I disconnect from the internet. I use AOL BB. I get rid of the cookie and no sooner it's back. I cannot seem to identify it to a particular website either and a google search brings up no clues for me either. Any one else get it or know anything about it?

Appears more of a nuisance than anything. Spybot, Adaware and A2 don't pick it up so not overly concerned, more curious.

  stalion 20:24 17 Jan 2005

click here='Esampler'

  Tenacious Green 21:52 17 Jan 2005

What has that got to do with the cookie on my computer? I've never visited that site? Strange

  stalion 21:54 17 Jan 2005

just thought it might help only thing I can find on a search

  Tenacious Green 21:57 17 Jan 2005

Thanks Stalion, It's left me a bit stumped, anyway I shall try not to worry, All working normally.

  VoG II 22:00 17 Jan 2005
  Tenacious Green 22:07 17 Jan 2005

VoG™, That's the little pesty thing. A search of Google on TNS reveals that they are a market research company.

This cookie is like a Pop up then, Well I hope that Ad-aware, spybot and Spywareblaster add it there definition list.


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