errors when trying to conect to Freeserve

  algo mas 17:47 19 Feb 2003

I'm with Freeserve broadband.
Recently when trying to connect have failed because "There is no response from the server" [connection failed]
When I rang Freeserve they got me totweak a couple of things but stillsame.Then they said that it was MY software/network connections and suggested I Got an engineer to re-install network connections or reformat my HD and start again !
I did not do this. Too much work !
However a day later I connected OK and was flying !
This has occured a couple of times over the last two weeks.
Is this My software/Freeserve/BT exchange?

  powerless 17:52 19 Feb 2003

Put it down to them...

"There is no response from the server" There side is not working...

I'm also with FSBB and i'm having no problems.

  greenlamp 21:21 19 Feb 2003

same happened to me, tried many things with no effect. then mysteriously things began to work. freeserve reckoned no problem at their end, seemed very suspicious to me (if they did have a problem better to know about it to avoid unneccasary changes)
problem admission - fine
problem denial - spitting feathers

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