Error in windows XP prof

  Infamous 15:31 08 Apr 2003

I just had a wierd error in windows Xp, I was playing a game online then it jumped out with a stop error, Could not read wot it was because it was half way up the screen!. Then i looked in the event viewer it says W32Time error? wot does these refer to? I basicly installed a new Stick of RAM from Crucial today. I had a problem with the last stick this is the new stick they gave me. The last stick started lockin up and causing stop errors!, This stick seems to be ok. I did a test wityh a Mem Doc with all the burn in tests. Seems to be ok. Anybody got any ideas?

2100+ AMD XP
256 x2 pc2700
ATI 9000 pro 128 ddr (Evil commando)
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP kt400
120 GIG WD 8 meg cache
Audigy live drive

Anybody got any ideas?

  Infamous 16:41 08 Apr 2003

Just got another stop error



Trying to find this file it happends when i play battlefield 1942 Could it be due to the display driver i have?

Anybody help??

  Infamous 17:48 08 Apr 2003

Somebody please help me? Basicly ive worked out that if i take any Ram stick it out it works fine i tried the game it was gettin a stop error!, Basicly it wont run correctly with 2 sticks in there i have tried em 1 at a time they are fine. Together they cause stop errors? They are both same Sticks Same make Crucial!

Anybody please help!!!

  VoG™ 17:56 08 Apr 2003

These MSKB articles describe similar symptoms click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Infamous 18:06 08 Apr 2003

hmmm having a read but i dont have raid or a firewall. But it is very weird that when there is only 1 stick of 256 DDR it runs ok. Then if u install 2 at the same time it causes a stop error!
Dont know wot to do!

  misery 20:01 08 Apr 2003

question, but are the two sticks in adjacent slots? Doyou have three slots, if so try 2 & 3 instead of 1 & 2. I did have a similar problem with an Abit board some time ago.

  Infamous 00:32 09 Apr 2003

yes i have 3 slots, i will give it a go and see wot happends! cheers for the info!

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