An error when system building

  23790954 14:00 24 Dec 2006

As an elderly retired man, my hobby is building and repairing computers for my family, children and grandchildren. I have built many systems successfully in the past four years, but for the first time, a new system I have just built is proving trouble. I have built the system around an MSI RX480 Neo2 motherboard, fitted with the correct socket 939 processor, and DDR400 memory. As the board is fitted with PCI-Express Graphics, I have fitted it with an ATI 300 SE PCI Express Graphics card. My problem is that although the system switches on and runs, NO BLEEPS on starting though, I cannot get the system to show any information on the TFT monitor. The Socket 939 processor is completely flat, where it comes in contact with the CPU fan, and the fan had heatsink paste, the actual size of the processor already on it, which I was unsure about, as I usually use small heatsink patches on my Pcu fans. Would such patches be suitable to use on socket 939 CPU's,
which are completely flat, or should a complete covering of heatsink paste be used, to stop the PCU coming in contact with the fan.
However my main query is why the system is NOT transferring data, including any bios, to the monitor. Any suggestions to my problem would be appreciated. Many thanks.

  LastChip 14:18 24 Dec 2006

Make sure the machine is physically disconnected from the mains. Find the BIOS (cmos) clear jumper and clear the BIOS.

Now see if it will boot.

939 CPU's should have the whole of the surface in contact with a thermal solution as they generate a lot of heat. The whole idea of the thermal solution, is not to stop the CPU coming into contact with the heat-sink, but to transfer heat from one to the other. Therefore, your small patches would NOT be suitable.

  Rtus 15:09 24 Dec 2006

remove the screw from the video card & reseat it Dont put screw back till tested /bootup.Sometimes Ive noted screwing down the V/card lifts it at the far edge of its slot connections .Remove memory simm & reseat that too Either one can stop video output.

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