Error when installing AVG

  hssutton 19:28 03 Jan 2007

My sister-in-law as contacted me regarding a problem installing the latest version of AVG

She has downloaded AVG on three separate occassions, but gets the same error on set-up

Action failed for file AVGUP SVC. Starting Service. The service did not respond to the control requests in a timely fashion.

She is running XP-Home edition and AOL. Could this problem be AOL related?

Advice on this matter greatly appreciated

  jack 19:47 03 Jan 2007

I AOL possibility is a possibility I guess -Blame 'em for everything else that comes in screwed.
Here are Twp possibilities if you are nearby you download the program- burn it in its packed state and pass it on.
A search of the website will reveal a UK support centre.
And lastly a total clear out including registry of all past installations of A/V software.

  hssutton 20:10 03 Jan 2007

Thanks Jack, unfortunately she lives approx 80 miles away. If it means a registry job then I will have to go over. Will check for the support centre and see If I can find anything over there

  birdface 20:53 03 Jan 2007

If she still runs the old version of AVG,She should uninstall it in Add Remove,Then run C Cleaner to get rid of the bits left behind, Then download the new version.

  realist 21:51 03 Jan 2007

I've put AVG on two AOL pc's with no problem if that's helpful to know.

  T0SH 22:14 03 Jan 2007

Check with her that she is following the recomended method of running the "Repair" to update to the latest AVG version ?

Cheers HC

  Rtus 22:25 03 Jan 2007

289: AVG installation fails if Norton Internet Security is installed on the same computer
It is possible that AVG installation will fail if Norton Internet Security software is installed on the same computer. Generally (for all antivirus vendors), the use of more than one antivirus product under the same operating system is NOT recommended because of possible conflicts in their main components. In this case the possible solutions are:

uninstall Norton Internet Security completely
reboot your computer
install AVG
install Norton Internet Security (if you like to use it as well)

install AVG without the "Plugin for Microsoft Office 2000/XP" (choose the "Custom Installation" option when you start AVG installation and tick-on all available components except the one mentioned above)

Our developers are trying to solve the problem now and the solution should be available in a future AVG program update.

  hssutton 23:14 03 Jan 2007

Will contact her tomorrow and pass on the suggestions. Will report back Thursday evening.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions

  terryf 23:19 03 Jan 2007

I found that it is not necessary to go into registry. Disconnect from web, create a system restore point in case, add/remove AVG then do a search for AVG with the extra search options of looking in sub and hidden folders. Delete all instances found then try to install AVG

  terryf 23:20 03 Jan 2007

PS also chuck out norton as suggested above

  hssutton 09:41 04 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your help. The problem has been solved, unfortunately My sister-in-law carried out all the various suggestions before attempting a reinstall.
So we/she is no wiser as to what the actual problem was.

Once again many thanks for all your help

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