Error upgrading the RAM in my Dell Dimension 1100

  Peterpan1709 22:58 30 Jun 2008

My Dell Dimension 1100 desktop PC is running Windows XP and has 2 x 256MB RAM modules installed, with a 2.8GHz Celeron processor. The MB has E210882 written on it. I have tried upgrading to 2GB of RAM by inserting 2 x 1GB PC3200 184 pin 400MHz DDR DIMM's. However, when I boot up the system with the new RAM in, I get a series of POST beeps and no video display and nothing else happens. The PC works fine when I put the old RAM back in, however it is slow and I really need to upgrade. Any ideas what could be wrong?

  Quiller. 23:12 30 Jun 2008

did you buy the memory from?

Have you got the code numbers off the ram chips?

  lotvic 23:24 30 Jun 2008

I found this information in the online manual - Hope it helps.
2GB is the max for your motherboard.
did you make sure that the new ram is NON-ECC?
click here click here

  Peterpan1709 23:42 30 Jun 2008

I got the RAM new on Ebay - Item number 350073146245. It is non-ECC, non-parity, unbuffered. The code numbers on the RAM chips are SAMSUNG K4H510438E-GCCC. The label on the module says "1G DDR 400 PC3200 AE25D1284 M40963 0824".

  Quiller. 23:52 30 Jun 2008

They have sold you high density ram and your and most systems can not take that ram. click here Notice the 04 in the code.

  ambra4 02:54 01 Jul 2008

Go to Crucial and do a scan it will tell you the correct memory that you need to get

click here

  Peterpan1709 13:24 01 Jul 2008

Thanks guys!

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