Error Profile Message when opening Google.

  StanB 07:00 04 Jul 2012

For about four days, When I open Google Chrome browser it comes up with message 'Your Profile could not be opened correctly. Some features may be unavailable. Check Profile access & you have permission to Read & Write its contents' This doesn't happen when I open Windows Explorer. I have tried deleting and re-installing Google Chrome - to no avail. I use Autofill a lot and this does not work now although it is ticked in the Tools section of Google. Thanks for any help.

  birdface 07:23 04 Jul 2012

Looks like you are not the only one with the same problem.!topic/chrome/qMxWTALeZIQ

  StanB 15:38 04 Jul 2012

Thanks to Buteman for giving the address of the Google Forum. I am only a novice but I was staggered by the extent that this problem is affecting Google users. I hope they soon put it right, assuming that it is Google's fault.

  nutty norm 23:34 04 Jul 2012

My chrome browser i have done everything as suggested and it still persists, Nutty norm

  birdface 07:04 05 Jul 2012

Just wondering if you download and use Revo Uninstaller in position 4 to remove Chrome completely then reinstall the latest version of Chrome and see if that would work.

If you have favorites in Chrome that would remove them all so not sure if there would be a way to save them.

  birdface 07:16 05 Jul 2012

Or try this it seems to work.

Go to Chrome settings, under "Users", click "Delete this user", close Chrome, reopen it and sign into your account as you normally would. Close the browser.

If not a system restore to when it did work but if it automatically updates itself that will not work for long.

  StanB 09:44 05 Jul 2012

Many thanks for the comments. Reading the many complaints to the Google Forum that Buteman kindly supplied the address for, I am hoping that Google will quickly correct the problem and automatically update it in the way they normally do. Not too long I hope, as time is not on my side. I am very hesitant to try out suggestions offered in case I make things worse.

(Just to give you a smile perhaps - the feature I miss is Autofill which I use to fill in the many free competitions. I'm hoping to win enough to buy an Invalid scooter so Google are lessening my odds!)

I enjoyed reading the replies, thank you.

  birdface 10:09 05 Jul 2012


It is always safer to have a stand by browser that you can use when your normal browser has problems.

I would probably do the same as you and wait and see if they fix it.

You would have thought that they would have fixed it by now with so many complaints.

Best of luck I hope it does not take to long.

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