Error Pages...what does this mean please?

  nick_j007 15:06 14 Sep 2007

My web site with 1and1 says the following when looking at my stat's today:
Error Pages
Investigate which page requests were unsuccessful and the specific errors they had.

1) 88 95.65%
2) 3 3.26%
3) 1.9%


What is robots.txt please? 88 errors (95%) all showing this. Anything to worry about?

Sincere thanks.


  Patr100 18:47 14 Sep 2007

robots.txt is connected with search engines.

click here


  nick_j007 20:58 14 Sep 2007

Ok thanks for the link...just had a quick look and will need a strong coffee to take that lot on board but it's a good start thank you.

Can anyone give me a 'in a nutshell' answer.

Sincere thanks.


  nick_j007 02:25 15 Sep 2007

I think I got that.

Would one normally set up this file?

I can effectively ignore these stat's?

Thanks again for answering my questions...


  nick_j007 22:18 16 Sep 2007

Will look it up thank you.

  nick_j007 22:33 16 Sep 2007

Just had a read of some links on Google as suggested, and it looks way over my head tbh.

Is it that important for me to grasp, or am I as well to address other simpler aspects of my web site?

Perhaps I could ask again if you feel that my opening posts stat's are of concern? If not I shall move on I think.

Sincere thanks,


  Eric10 11:00 17 Sep 2007

I gave up checking web stats long ago and it hasn't done me any harm. However, if you want to have one last try you could open Notepad and type in just the two lines below.

User-agent: *

Save the file as robots.txt.

The first line allows all search engines and since there isn't anything following "Disallow:" on the second line then no areas are disallowed.

Upload the file to the Root of your website where your index.htm file is. You now have a robots.txt file which will allow open access to all search engines just the same as if you don't have one at all. The difference is that the file will now be found by the search engine robots so that particular error should disappear from your stats.

This came from Wikipedia click here.

  nick_j007 11:08 17 Sep 2007

You're too good to me!

How simple was that?!

Will look at this soon.



  nick_j007 17:52 26 Sep 2007

I have Eric10 (at least I think I have) inserted this to my site.
Are you able to view my source and see it there though? I am not entirely sure it's there to be honest.
click here
Much appreciated. Nick

  Eric10 18:23 26 Sep 2007

I can't see any sign of a robots.txt file in the root of alphadogbehaviour. I have one on a site of mine and I can see it just by adding /robots.txt to the end of the site address.

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