Error messages when hiding Excel columns

  Nosmas 16:34 27 Feb 2005

System W98 and Office 97 Professional.

I needed to 'align' columns in different sheets all within the same workbook in order to copy and paste blocks of data and formulae, making use of Excel's relative referencing of cells.

To do this I inserted in one sheet eight blank columns between existing columns (of data for monthly figures) and then selected and hid the inserted columns. This worked without any hitch as I repeated the insert/hide columns across the sheet. Suddenly, when I tried to hide another selected eight columns I received an error message 'Cannot shift objects off sheet'. Pressing the OK button just left the selected columns un-hidden. I then selected only four of the columns and managed to hide them without any error message, but when I selected the remaining four columns I again received the same error message. Then by selecting only two columns at a time I was able to hide them.

After closing and saving the workbook, I repeated the exercise, and initially received another message 'Fixed objects will move'. Clicking the OK button then allowed each column to be inserted, but again I received the 'Cannot shift...' message when I tried to hide the columns.

Currently the last used column in the worksheet is FZ and the 74 columns GA through to IV are all unused. Can anyone (VOG?) please shed any light on these unusual messages?

  VoG II 17:15 27 Feb 2005

click here possibly?

  Nosmas 17:55 27 Feb 2005

Many thanks for the link which clearly explains the reasons for the first error message. Presumably the second error message is related to the first.

However, although I have inserted comments in certain cells in the worksheet, I was not attempting to hide their columns or adjacent columns. For example I have data in columns DZ to EG with comments in a cell in column EA. My problem arose when I attempted to hide eight BLANK COLUMNS inserted to the left of column EH (which then became EP). I suppose I will just have to put it down to a 'glitch' in the working of Excel, but at least in the future I will be aware of the possible cause of similar error messages.

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