Error Message "Windows failed to start properly"

  Southernboy 12:22 07 Apr 2006

I have experienced a problem. Yesterday, I switched on my computer. Although it appeared to start, the monitor was blank. The light switched from orange to green and then back to orange again. As the computer was making the usual noise, I assumed that my monitor had failed. I tried several of the adjustment buttons on the monitor without success. I had a problem that I could not shut down the computer without access to the screen and, as the PC does not appear to have an "off" switch, I had no choice than to switch it off at the power socket.

A little later, I tried again and, to my surprise, this time the monitor displayed text on a black background. As I recall, it started by stating that WINDOWS FAILED TO START PROPERLY but, as I was reading the message, Windows started to load. Not having had a chance to read the full message before this happened, the only other bit I can recall was the suggestion that the problem may have been caused by a change of software or hardware. I have not added or removed any software or hardware in the last 12 months, or made any other changes, so this cannot be the reason.

I am very concerned that something has happened for which there is no logical reason. The computer has been running normally and I have never had this problem before and I have made absolutely no changes to the computer in any way. I have run ChkDsk and all appears to be OK, so I am at a loss to understand why Windows should have failed to start yesterday. I will try it when I get home today (I have to use my son's PC to write this as I do not have an internet connection on my PC), to see if it starts up properly. Is there likely to have been any damage to my filres?

So, does anyone have any idea why this should have happened. What normally caused this sort of problem? Is there any way I can view that error message to I see exactly what it was trying to tell me?

  VoG II 13:04 07 Apr 2006

Look in the EWvent Viewer. Start, Run, type


and click OK.

  Southernboy 13:28 07 Apr 2006

I cannot find anything that refers to this.

  wee eddie 14:55 07 Apr 2006

The on screen comment refers to the previous "Switch on" when you pulled the plug on it. In Windows 98se it would have run Scan Disk and then opened, I don't think that XP does this.

I am sure that there was a good reason for Windows failing to boot correctly but it is unlikely to be that serious as it opened the next time you turned it on. If it does it regularly, you should definitely investigate, but not if it does this once in a blue moon.

If I were you I would not bother overmuch, as the cause of Windows XP not properly opening can be as simple as someone turning another piece of equipment on, say a Hoover, at a critical loading moment.

  Southernboy 20:36 07 Apr 2006

I switched on today and everything seemed to work normally. I realise that the on-screen message was referring to the fact that it failed to boot yesterday and I just wondered why this was as it has never happened before. I do have a Belkin Surge Protector so other appliances should not interfere.

However, if Windows did not boot yesterday, I assume it would not have been running when I switched off, so it would not know that I switched off. I conclude that the message was telling me that Windows did not start up the last time and telling me I should check why it did not, which is what I am trying to do. Unfortunately, I am unable to follow the suggestions in the message because I did not get to read it in full before Windows started.

I would have thought Event Viewer would have contained something to explain this, but there is nothing that I recognise. I have to say that there are a lot of entries in Event Viewer that make no sense to me. I understand very little of what appears there but as the PC seems to have been working, I have not worried overmuch. Perhaps I should? The trouble is that you need to me a computer expert to understand most of them.

Unless anyone can tell me what I should be looking for I shall just have to hope that it is not a problem and that it will not happen again.

Thanks again.

  wee eddie 00:24 08 Apr 2006

but not very often

It happens to most everyone, when something happens that disturbs Windows normal Startup routine.

It had started but not got as far as the Log-in Screen, so you saw nothing on your screen.

  Southernboy 12:28 11 Apr 2006

Thanks a lot.

I'll close the thread.

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