Error message upon installation

  Rhuddlan 16:02 25 Jan 2005

When installing win guard pro 2005 a error message appears saying ciaXP Text30 run time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object.
What's that all about? Have done a search on Google but found nothing.

  Djohn 16:23 25 Jan 2005

Copy/paste this into google and it will bring up plenty of hits.

runtime error 429 ActiveX

Have a look to see if any might apply to your setup and please post back if not or, if they do but your not sure how to fix.

  Technotiger 16:42 25 Jan 2005

or perhaps this one -

Fix Error 429
2005 Highest-Rated Registry Cleaner Fix your Computer - Free Download!
click here


  Rhuddlan 16:58 25 Jan 2005

Thanks for the links will give them both a try and let u know how I get on.

  Rhuddlan 00:46 26 Jan 2005

Found a site called micropool and downloaded a tool and ran it, that went fine, but then when trying to install windows script 5.6 for windows xp, a message appeared saying the software you are installing has not passed windows logo testing to verify it's compatibility with windows XP, what's that all about.

For fuck's sake, all I want to do is install Win Guard pro 2005 and I have to go through all this, it's just one bloody problem after another at the mo.

  GaT7 01:28 26 Jan 2005

Rhuddlan, see this: click here. Sorry I couldn't be more contructive at this time, but do hope you solve your problem.

I wouldn't use Registry Fix (with all due respect, TT) to fix your problem. Looks very much like one of those dodgy programs which finds false positives (& even worse, will probably add rubbish to the regsitry) during the free scan & will then want your cash to remove it! I'd like to know where it got it's '2005 Highest-Rated Registry Cleaner' tag. On second thoughts, maybe not. Just click on it's 'More Testimonials' link at its website to see what I mean. G

  Rhuddlan 01:46 26 Jan 2005

Hi there, have downloaded and installed registry fixer and fixed quite a lot of problems, but am not willing to pay for the full benifits of it, will try your link and report back, cheers.

  Technotiger 11:51 26 Jan 2005

"message appeared saying the software you are installing has not passed windows logo testing to verify it's compatibility with windows XP, what's that all about" -

This message pops up quite often when installing new programs in XP - just click on Continue Anyway. Nothing to worry about, I have done it often without problems.


  ACOLYTE 11:58 26 Jan 2005

I dont think FFS is a good way to describe your problem there may be younger people reading the thread.No offence.

  johnnyrocker 11:59 26 Jan 2005

that error is as technotiger says and is only produced because microsoft have not had their exorbitant fee for signing it off, i would ask you to be mindful of your language also as this site is often visited/used by minors.


  Rhuddlan 15:37 26 Jan 2005

Yet again, I am sorry for the outburst.

When that message appeared about not being compatiable with xp, the only option that appreaed was OK, there was no continue installation button, please someone I want to install Win guard pro 2005 and was advised to install windows script 5.6 first to cure a problem I had oringally and not I can't install this, any ideas???

The last restort I suppose would be a system restore?

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