Error message "Severe"

  Rogerthedog 22:21 11 Aug 2004

Just after my PC boots up, a small box pops-up
titled "severe". The error message says something like "error displaying background".

I usually just press Cont/Alt/Del & delete it from the task manager. Anybody had anything similar?
Seems like a virus to me but the antivirus shows clear.

  bretsky 23:37 11 Aug 2004

Try running this click here

bretsky ;0)

  hugh-265156 23:45 11 Aug 2004

not sure sorry.

may help a bit though if we can find the process. try opening task manager/applications and right click the error listed here and choose 'go to process' what is it please?

  Rogerthedog 11:21 16 Aug 2004

OK - I highlighted the error and it the process it highlighted was IDriver.exe...........haven't a clue what that is. (I'm no techy expert by the way)

  VoG II 13:02 16 Aug 2004

HP machine? click here

  Rogerthedog 23:41 16 Aug 2004

Right - I've discovered that this "severe" error is linked to my other post regarding Windows Installer Problems. IDriver.Exe is something to do with that. So although this problem isn't really solved yet, it should be if I can solve the Installshield bug.

  woodchip 00:00 17 Aug 2004

Start MSCONFIG from run box in the startup tab look for the program and remove the tick if you can see it

  hugh-265156 01:07 17 Aug 2004

IDriver.Exe is installshield methinks. sorry your name didnt connect with me regards the other posting click here

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