error message on nvidia soundstorm soundcard

  blendit 21:56 30 Apr 2005

ok my sound works so output seems ok but input (mic) doesnt work! i get this error mesage any ideas?.....

"incorrect size during FXMANAGER_ALLOCATE!"

any help much appreciated thanks.

  blendit 22:02 30 Apr 2005

ok i found this on google (translated german) would it make snese to do the installs as they say?

"Ramiréz - 2005-03-14, 22:07
Title: NVIDIA sound FXMANAGER_ALLOCATE error message

a problem with my sound has which I under Win2k did not have. Therefore I write in times here my problem.

Main board: Asus A7N8X - E Deluxe with Nvidia nForce chip set.

After new installation of WinXP with SP2 and current NVidia drivers I get now the following: On my 5,1 system is headed for only the left box and the Subwoofer. By software is all ok one. A driver conflict or the like is not present. If I sound map by of NVidia to start want come the following error message:

"wrong size of FXMANAGER_ALLOCATE determines!"

In the nForce system control I have permanent maximum excursion on all volume announcements for the boxes although no sound run. I naturally made the attitude on 5.1 system in the WinXP. Exactly the same in the system control of Nvidia...

I hope it can me more help...

Ramiréz - 2005-03-19, 23:44
Ok one... for everything, which should have this error also times. For long look I * the error * found.

The following:

After I overwrote the new driver by an older (older!!) I did not have sound map by CONSOLE the no more, but everything has again functioned....

I had installed thus first these:


then the older:


And like that the problem was solved.

One may believe it hardly, but is so....
I finds sadly, but which one is to make...."

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