Error message - Internet Explorer by Tiscali -

  GORAL 22:02 01 Feb 2003

Please can someone help a neighbour/friend whose PC knowledge is minimal, using a new PC with XP and managed to create a new ISP account with Tiscali.This was only YESTERDAY. Clicking the Tiscali 10.0 icon took him to tiscali's Internet Explorer page and he managed to set up Outlook Express as the email client. Today he installed Service Pack 1 for XP and downloaded all updates from M/Soft, Norton System Works and their Firewall and downloaded updates via Live Update, and put on such as Power DVD, Nero etc

Now, although Outlook Express is still working.clicking on the Tiscali 10.0 produces the message - C:\Program Files\Internet\Tiscali_uk\tb.exe is not a valid Win32 application. Can anyone help please?

  powerless 22:40 01 Feb 2003

All those updates at once?

Thats bad.

Uninstall Tiscalli then install it again.

  GORAL 15:39 02 Feb 2003

Disappointing response so far - one critical posting. Can anyone explain what the error message means please and how to sort it out. Not sure if the only suggestion so far will resulve it.

  JoeC 16:00 02 Feb 2003

with a Tiscali CD ? Could be corrupt installation files. If set up with a CD, try a reinstall but disable antivirus first.

  JoeC 16:12 02 Feb 2003

I have checked with point to corrupt installation files and the advice is to uninstall then reinstall. If installed over the internet, do it again but disable antivirus first

  GORAL 16:21 02 Feb 2003

JoeC - thanks very much for your efforts. The installation was from a Tiscali CD and I take your point about possible corrupt installation files. However - how can my friend install from the internet when he cannot get into the Internet Explorer?

Any more ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated.

  JoeC 16:28 02 Feb 2003

" how can my friend install from the internet when he cannot get into the Internet Explorer? " Firstly, clean the install CD properly and try again to install. Secondly, If OE is still working, that means the DUN is still working. Go into the DUN and connect to Tiscali from there. Then, open up IE and in the address bar type in the Tiscali URL ( www. ?? )and you should get to the Tiscali website. You can then install the dialup again from there - but disable the antivirus first. Hope this makes sense and is of some help !! : }

  GORAL 16:42 02 Feb 2003

JoeC - thanks again. You will perhaps have appreciated that I am myself no expert, so not sure how to get into DUN(I will have a look and remember Dial-up Networking but I have been on B/Band for a while now. My friend is trying to set up a dial-up account (obviously) - is it the same in Win XP?

Further thought - do you think it possible for me to download from Tiscali's website to,say, a CD?

  JoeC 16:47 02 Feb 2003

I would contact Tiscali and ask for the Pop3 / SMTP server details, along with the dialup telephone number - if you don't already have it. Just say you want to set up the system manually. Just of the top of my head, DUN is in the Control panel. I am also on XP and BB though !!

  GORAL 17:48 02 Feb 2003

JoeC - we have the pop and smtp and dial-up phone details. Can't find DUN in Control Panel -think this was the case up to Win 98.

Any thoughts on my idea of downloading to a CD on my PC? Possible? Sorry for appearing a bit 'thick'.

  JoeC 17:53 02 Feb 2003

Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Setup and that should get you sorted. There is a wizard to help, just enter the relevant details.
As an aside, I started out thick and reached the dizzy heights of " not so thick " ......

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