Error message I don't understand

  Southernboy 12:40 06 Jul 2005

Can anyone explain the following error message, please?

"The device, \Device\Harddisk2\D,has a bad block"

If it refers to drive D, that is my CDRW drive. It is not a hard drive.

I am currently struggling with a whole raft of problems with a new computer and I seeking to deal with a multiplicity of error messages to determine what is causing the problems.

  De Marcus 12:42 06 Jul 2005

Getting an error message like that on a cd/rw drive is not a good sign, plus a 'raft' of other messages.

Have you tried to repair the installation?

  stalion 12:42 06 Jul 2005

how long have you had the new computer? it's under warranty and should be functioning correctly when you buy it

  De Marcus 12:44 06 Jul 2005

I'd agree with stalion, if you can, send it back.
It's not your job to fix a computer that was supplied faulty.

  Southernboy 13:05 06 Jul 2005

I first got a problem about two months after I bought it, with an Iomega Zip drive. I think got a whole series of "hang application" messages. The result was that I could not backup anything.

As a last resort, I tried to use the CDRW drive (which I had never tried before), which also hung.
Being very much a novice as my previous computer was 6 years old, I was new to Windows XP and CD/DVD writers. However, as the problems occurred long before I tried the CDRW writer, there is clearly another reason which may, or may not, affect the CDRW drive. There must be a problems with either XP or the hardware.

I am trying to establish if this error message DOES relate to the CDRW drive, as it does mention harddisk.

Evesham will take it back to reload all the software, but I have 30 years work on this computer and I cannot back anything up. I simply cannot afford to lose this work and Evesham are not being helpful, saying if they reload everyting I will lose all my work.

Therefore, I have told them I am trying to do some exploratory work in the hope I can get a working backup system.

Ergo, can anyone confirm that the error message DOES relate to the CDRW drive. If so, as it does not actually have a disk (I am using both TDK CDR and Imation DVD-R disks and have tried over 10 disks), what does a "bad block" mean?

  wee eddie 14:38 06 Jul 2005

How large are the total number of folders containing your old work? Right click each file > Left click - Properties.

Can you "Copy" and "Paste"?

  lotvic 23:24 06 Jul 2005

Do you still have your old pc ? and does it still work? or can you get it working? You may be able to do a direct copy of your data files by the old standby method of putting your (new) hard drive in the other pc as a slave and copying them. We need more details of file systems and OS systems before advising on a method. Also the answers to wee eddie's 2 Questions.

  Southernboy 22:05 07 Jul 2005

My work is about 5Gb. My biggest disc is a 750Mb Zip disc. Unfortunately, Copy and paste does not always work. I have literally many hundreds of files and it would take forever pasting files to a whole series of disks, especially as they cost around £10.00 each. When trying copy and paste I often get a Cyclic Redundancy error, which means the procedure has failed.

Old computer no longer working. I have no knowledge of the internal workings of a computer and would be far too nervous to mess about inside. Cannot open up the new computer as it will invalidate the warranty.

I still come back to my original query - does anyone know exactly what the error message means and what drive it refers to? If I could pinpoint what is wrong, it might be possible to invoke the on-site warranty.

  Southernboy 22:07 07 Jul 2005

OS is XP SP2. System is NTFS.

  Totally-braindead 22:12 07 Jul 2005

If you can afford it why not buy an external hard drive and use that to back up your files. I'm afraid I can't help with the error message as you say your D drive is a cd writer.

  Southernboy 22:23 07 Jul 2005

the error message refer to Drive D or to a hard drive? That is my question.

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