a² error message Help

  ole1999 10:02 30 Jul 2005


I had a few problems recently with a virus and was kindly helped out and suggested using a² , i have done all my scans in safe mode after turning off system restore
and again out of safe mode, all seems pretty clear at the moment.

But when i first did the a² scan it came up with the error message below, it then did the same thing regarding " kerio firewall.exe and also with the " Alcatel speedtouch connection " as soon as i connected to the internet.

I did at first press terminate program when it came up with C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe, and then reinstalled it, but it came up again when i did another scan, so for now i have pressed on "always allow program" for the 3 above error messages, i am just wondering though if i have a major problem somewhere or is it just nothing to worry about, my system is just not running that great at the moment, it is slow at responding, and for internet pages to load up.

I am running xp

Any help would be really appreciated

Thank You

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe

Found possible backdoor behaviour

While executing the program a² detected a possible malicious behavior. Normally this behavior is common for backdoors only. In rare cases this can be a false detection of legit server software. It's recommended to terminate the program and to submit it for further analysis.

allow program once always allow program delete file terminate program

  ole1999 10:04 30 Jul 2005

allow program once
always allow program
delete file
terminate program

sorry guys should read like this i used no spaces

  rawprawn 10:22 30 Jul 2005

First of all if you are doing a normal scan using A² there is no need to turn system restore off and scan in safe mode. You only need to do that if you have problems deleting a nasty which could be hidden within a restore point or in the case of safe mode runs on start so that it can't be deleted.
Second if you know the program is safe such as Firefox you can tick "Always allow program" Altough I have never had this problem with A²

  ole1999 11:26 30 Jul 2005

Thank you for the reply, but it just seems to be comming up with different messages all the time, this one has just appeared

C:\Program Files\Dell Support\DSAgnt.exe

Installing a driver or a system service in general is nothing suspicious but it can impact your systems security cause it allows rootkits to become acitve. If you know or install the application above its recommended to allow the program. If you are unsure terminate it and send it in for analysis.


  rawprawn 11:29 30 Jul 2005

I think that I would uninstall it. reboot then redownload it and reinstall. I think there must be a problem within.

  VoG II 11:29 30 Jul 2005

It is safe click here

Which version of a² do you have - is it running all the time or what?

  ole1999 11:50 30 Jul 2005


i have 1.6 personal version, and yes it is always running!

  VoG II 11:52 30 Jul 2005

I would turn off the Background-Guard - it is obviously coming up with false positives.

  ole1999 11:54 30 Jul 2005

will do, Thank you

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