Charlitax 08:33 27 Jul 2006

Hi, i have encountered an error code, UNRECOGNIZED DATABASE FORMAT C:\Basetrack\
The program is a commercial garage program which has been running fine untill it was upgraded and this error message started to appear.
I suspect it might be specific to the program but any help would be appreciated.
I am running XP Pro

  Gongoozler 08:40 27 Jul 2006

I don't know anything about this program, but what I think the error message is telling you is that the source data is in the wrong format for the program to read. This isn't uncommon when a program is upgraded. Either the program has a bug, or the source data needs to be regenerated in a compatible format.

  Charlitax 08:46 27 Jul 2006

Can you suggest a possible solution

  johnnyrocker 08:51 27 Jul 2006



  Charlitax 08:56 27 Jul 2006

Already done this with the main program and upgrade, also done a restore

  Diemmess 08:57 27 Jul 2006

Upgrades are not always what they seem!
Was this done "in house" or by a software engineer who looks after your system?
If it was an outside job then it's time to have them put matters right.

Access is different from your problem which may have similar problems.
Access and I have had a long and gritty relationship, and upgrading has always brought problems when trying to import an earlier database into the new fangled upgrade.
At times I wondered why I had bothered, but version 2 would not run - once away from Windows 3.1
I am no great shakes with Access because I make new database programs so seldom I forget how I did it last time!
I hope you have better luck.

  Charlitax 09:12 27 Jul 2006

This was done 'in house'

  Gongoozler 09:27 27 Jul 2006

Unfortunately I don't think you'll find the solution on this forum. I think your best chance is to contact Basetrack.

  Charlitax 09:41 27 Jul 2006

Thanks for the help i'll keep looking

  stylehurst 14:25 27 Jul 2006

Looking at your original post, I suspect the problem may be with the number of periods You have in the file name. The suffix, .mdb refers to a Microsoft Access file type, however, the fact that you will have a proceeding suffix .be is probably confusing the matter. Not knowing the programme concerned, I can only suggest that you try removing the .be suffix.

  Crunchy 15:00 27 Jul 2006

C:\Basetrack\ is a backend Access database which should read C:\Basetrack\GARAGEbasedPro_be.mdb with the underscore before be.mdb.

It is not usual to update the backend database file unless adding more fields or tables, so I would guess that your update is on your program database which has the same name without the _be and may have been saved in the wrong version so cannot read the backend database.

Try renaming the the backend database with the underscore first.

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