Error message E000101F4, Acronis True Image 2009

  pinkerton 14:52 21 Jan 2011

I have been using Acronis to backup to an external hard drive for approx 1 year. it is scheduled to do an incremental backup each week, this has been fine until about 5 weeks ago when the error message E000101F4: Failed to read data from sector 3,217,640 of the hard disk 1. started to come up every week. I would be grateful for any ideas that might help resolve this problem.

  Salut 14:57 21 Jan 2011

A quick Google search gave the following which might help you:

click here

There may well be other helpful comments on the acronis forum.

  David4637 17:10 21 Jan 2011

I had a similar prob,I could not boot up the rescue disc without the error "can not find boot area".
This was solved by using Acronis V 2011 rescue disc borrowed from a friend. David

  Wuggy 17:36 21 Jan 2011

Run a CHKDSK with the box ticked to carry out a surface scan and attempt to recover bad sectors. Windows should then mark the sector giving you the error message and Acronis should ignore and carry out your back up. If you've been making incremental backups for a year you might wish to start again from scratch and make a full image. Be aware that if you are running Windows Vista a full CHKDSK can take hours and hours and may have to be left overnight.

  woodchip 18:02 21 Jan 2011

corrupt sector on the hard drive if you do as above check disc should mark the sector as bad so windows does not try writing to it

  pinkerton 12:52 22 Jan 2011

I have run CHKDSK and it found no errors, so I will still look for solutions, in acronis forums etc. any other ideas will be very welcome.Thanks.

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