smokinbaby 07:55 27 Feb 2003

Can anyone advise me, my modem could not sign on to AOL after 1/2 attemps it just stopped nothing more happened, when i closed down PC i to try again i was getting the message "WAOL caused errorr in kernel32.DLL"

After dozens of calls to AOL and uninstalling and reinstalling AOL, i was still getting the same error message, can anyone help?

After carrying out all the suggetions made by AOL staff, i was getting on to AOL, but when i closed down still getting this error message, then when i tried to sign on again had to make more phone calls to AOl, because the same error message.

  powerless 08:02 27 Feb 2003
  powerless 08:03 27 Feb 2003

The above may/may not work.

Fingers crossed.

  smokinbaby 19:33 01 Mar 2003

I'm still getting this problem, and cannot get online without first calling AOL and going through unin /install AOl, expert add, uninstall AOL adaptor and loads more, but next time i try to sign on it's exactly the same.
Do's any one know of a ISP with a freephonr help line?,cannot go on like this.

  watchful 21:18 01 Mar 2003

The above link seems to pinpoint your exact problem.

Did you try the repair option mentioned at the end of the article?

  smokinbaby 10:43 02 Mar 2003

Thanks for taking time to reply Watchful.
Yes i did repair IE, but still getting problem, cannot connect to AOl, without going through a mountain of instrutions,and AOL just give me ths same instructions time after time.............

Im pulling my hair out

  watchful 15:58 02 Mar 2003


  JoeC 16:06 02 Mar 2003

but seems to cover the same ground

click here

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