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  grizzley 18:43 07 Dec 2007

can someone please help me with an error notice which appears everytime i try to use control panel.

To enable the advanced sound effect for gaming, please make sure the setting of hardware acceleration is "full". The device[winxp]->audio->playback/advanced...->performance->hardware acceleration.

this message is getting to me,i have never had this before and seems to have appeared after i reinstalled my systems OS after infection. i can not access this area without difficulty, i got at it once and everything is working ok. i do not play games apart from online. i do not want to have to restore my system again as it takes to long to get it back to normal. please help. thankyou in advance.

  MCE2K5 20:13 07 Dec 2007

Control Panel,
Sounds and Audio Devices,
Move both sliders all the way to the right.

  grizzley 21:40 07 Dec 2007

thanks for reply but it does not help. when i last got access to my control panel i checked everything is as it should be, there are no more moves to make they are all at max. worst thing about this problem is it is preventing me from getting direct access to sounds and audio by constantly displaying error message which blocks all attempts of accessing the section also when i click on error it closes control panel and i start again. tried task master but that crashes desktop when i stop error. i am going mad because i had reinstalled my system operating files and reinstalled my other software before this. no virus or spyware found.

  lotvic 22:21 07 Dec 2007

If you mean the error popup box is in the way (in front of the Control Panel) and you cannot see the bit you want to get to, then just grab the blue bar and move it to one side (put the mouse cursor on the blue bar and hold left mouse button down and drag error box out of the way)

Have the Control Panel in Classic View as it is easier to work with (when you open it there is an option in the top of the left column)

  grizzley 12:24 08 Dec 2007

thanks for the reply. the box that was causing the problem was called error and would appear each time i tried to use the control panel, error related to a non existent error in relation to sound and audio, error wording as stated in my posting. no error for which this states exists as when i did get access to it it was as it should be in full mode. i did a hijack this scan and uploaded it to a malware removal forum, reply received today,followed instructions and deleted some software and updated 1. so far problem has not shown it's ugly head. thankyou for your advice on this matter. when problem first appeared it would stop me using control panel and then when i use task manager to kill it, it caused my desktop to disappear then reappear. i will let the forum know if it reappears again. thankyou all.

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