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  jaide 14:50 03 Jul 2006

When I close IE or Outlook Explorer or some other apps I get a message "the instruction at 0x01d7efa9 referenced memory at 0x00000ba0 The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the programme".

When I cosulted the manufacturer / supplier which is NOVATECH of Fareham in Hampshire, they smiled, said yes the programme is still running, we suggest you reformat your hard drive. Easier said than done.

Would restoring to a restore point at a date just after I purched - Aug 2005 - do me any good. What would I lose? Please help someone, I am really fed up with this process.

Thanks in advance

  rawprawn 14:58 03 Jul 2006

Try this Start/Run/ type sfc /scannow (watch the space between sfc and / ) you will need your XP CD
this will repair any corrupt files includibg IE.

  rawprawn 15:00 03 Jul 2006

You could also try Restoring to the date you mentioned if your restore points go back far enough, but you would lose all updates and programs installed since that date.

  john-232317 15:04 03 Jul 2006

Fancy them telling you to format the hard drive,that should be the last thing to do.

If rawprawn`s advice doesn`t work, although it should, yes try a restore .

  jaide 15:34 03 Jul 2006

Thanks guys. Small problem, XP cam pre installed, will this shoot me in the foot. Forgot to say I am in Spain so not close to Fareham to get other help.

  jaide 15:36 03 Jul 2006

Is restoring a last resort?

  rawprawn 17:31 03 Jul 2006

Have you got a recovery disc? if so follow my instructions and put the recovery disc in when it asks for your XP CD. It might work.Did they supply you with any XP Discs? you should be still in gaurantee, but living in Spain makes that more than difficult.
Failing all the above you will have to try system restore, but I have Doubts.
One alternative may be to download IE from the net and reinstall that. That sounds as though it is the problem program from what you have said.

  skidzy 17:38 03 Jul 2006

If you have your xp disc as rawprawn says this may help click here
or this click here

Hope this helps

  jaide 14:40 05 Jul 2006

Thanks rawprawn for your advice. I ran the sfc/scannow and it took ages so I guess it is thourough, however, the problem still ain't gone away.
I did a bit more digging and I get the same error messages with the same memory references when I try to clos other apps eg bdncon.exe
thunderbird.exe bdnews.exe. However, closing word (which is part of the installed works app does not produce the error.

I deduce, therfore, that the problem is common in the OS when certain apps try to close. They just keep running till I hit the OK button.

So I will try the reinstall / repair of IE etc but I am beginning to think that restoring or (heaven forbid) reformating may be the only way.

That is unless anyone else has an idea of where to go next. Thanks in advance everyone.

  rawprawn 14:55 05 Jul 2006

The repair/reinstallation of IE is covered by sfc /scannow so that is not the problem. What do you stand to lose if you restore or format, can you backup needed files onto a CD/DVD/Flash drive?

  jaide 12:09 08 Jul 2006

One last go at this one. I have the CD supplied with the laptop. It says Widows XP SP2OS Home edition. What if I just reinstalled windows XP from this disc? What would I lose apart from all the updates. I accept I'll have to re download a lot of stuff to bring Windows up to date. What else will I lose.

Thanks in advance.

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