Error message

  BooST 18:50 07 Sep 2005

have an error message that happens on start up only.
The message reads WINDOWS - NO DISC there is no disc in the drive - please insert a disc and try again.You then get the options of cancel or retry.
if you click retry the message keeps re appearing endlessly.If you click cancel very quickly then it dissapears until the next time you start up.
Now what started this all off was a power failure when i was burning a disc and even though i have tried to put the disc in to try and complete the cicle it just burns a new disc but the message still comes up on start up.
i went into msconfig and took out the tick in the start up tag for in cd and then rebooted it which caused the windows xp diagnostic screen to appear and ask if i want to start normally or go into safe mode,but no matter what option i tried that kept coming up.
The only way i could get pass that was to leave start up normally highlighted and wait for it to count down to 0 then it booted up normally with the no disc error message again.

Any ideas

  johnnyrocker 18:52 07 Sep 2005

system restore to before problem?


  stalion 18:53 07 Sep 2005

or boot in to safe mode and try last known good configueration

  BooST 20:36 11 Sep 2005

tried system restore today but it didnt work.
I went back a couple of months to be sure and it still has the same problem but seems to be getting worse.
Any more ideas of where it could be and how to sort it out.

  GaT7 21:10 11 Sep 2005

Remove/uninstall the CD/DVD writer drive in Device Manager & reboot.

If the above doesn't help, run sfc /scannow (click here). Windows CD burning software may be corrupted & running a sfc scan may correct it.

If the second suggestion doesn't help, I'd uninstall Nero & reboot. Reinstall Nero if there's no change.

As a LAST resort I'd suggest a repair-install click here. Good luck. G

  GaT7 17:33 12 Sep 2005

BooST, how did you do?

Well, one thing I forgot to tell you to do is to disable WinXP's CD burning:

Right-click the CD/DVD burner(s) icon(s) in My Computer, & select Properties. In the Recording tab, untick the 'Enable CD recording on this drive', & press Apply, OK. G

  BooST 11:24 17 Sep 2005

did all that short of uninstalling the windows xp cd writing software for fear of not getting it back and still the same.
when it came up with it today i went onto task manager and then onto process and it came up with csrss.exe but i cant delete it cause its a critical sytem apparently.

  SANTOS7 11:28 17 Sep 2005

[email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here
the nimda.E virus runs as this process to fool you, the link may help,good luck...

  SANTOS7 11:30 17 Sep 2005

[email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here
soz try this

  VoG II 11:32 17 Sep 2005
  SANTOS7 11:36 17 Sep 2005

thanks VoG™ will remember to follow that route in future just hope were going in the right direction..

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