???? Error massage - my PC's sooooo slow!!!!

  towunda 19:19 16 Apr 2003

The last couple of days my PC has been running slow and internet extremely slow.
I've been getting and error message when I start up my computer which reads :- Error Starting Programme.
A required .DLL file, SSSENOR.DDL, was not found.
Could this be my problem and how can I solve it??? Greatful for any suggestions.
I'm running windows ME and I've got loads of memory. Cheers!

  crx16 19:44 16 Apr 2003

how much memory is loads,having over 512MB can cause the system to slow,but thats not connected with your error message.

  towunda 20:07 16 Apr 2003

Looks like I've got 13.2 GB free.

  crx16 20:12 16 Apr 2003

ok,i thought you was refering to physical memory (RAM),of which 512MB is the limit.

  AMD 4 ever 20:53 16 Apr 2003

Hdd is not the Sytem memory. Common misconception. That is disk space available to you. If you need to know how much Ram you have installed. Go to Start>run type dxdiag. it will say how much you have!

  VoG™ 21:02 16 Apr 2003

I think that you need to find out what program is trying to load SSSENOR.DDL - are you sure that's the correct spelling as I cannot find any reference to it in Google.

Start, Run and enter MSCONFIG and click OK - look at what's listed in the Startup tab and post the list back here.

Alternatively download Autostart Viewer from click here

  crx16 21:05 16 Apr 2003

VoG™, i noticed you searched for .DDL (towanda's typo)when its .DLL,

  VoG™ 21:10 16 Apr 2003


Your search - SSSENOR.DLL - did not match any documents

  towunda 21:24 16 Apr 2003

Opps!! yes I hve spelt it wrong - it's SSSENSOR.DLL.
Just checkedpage file memory -166mb used, 1825mb available.

  towunda 21:31 16 Apr 2003

Hi VoG, just done the msconfig thing and there is 38 ticked items in the start up tab menu, do you want me to list all of them!!! ????

  VoG™ 21:37 16 Apr 2003

Yes please, sorry. First have a look click here and check them out - post any that don't appear on the list or seem "odd".

I've searched for SSSENSOR.DLL and haven't found anything useful.

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